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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Curse/Blessing of the Creative Mind

I have so many exciting projects in the works right now I'm not sure which one to share first! Here in the Midwest we're not experiencing a typical winter at all. We've had all of 3 inches of snow and more than our share of mild days. Spring is still too far off for my taste but I'm not complaining about being able to sand furniture on my back patio is all I'm saying.

I was wondering to day as I sat and looked at the seven projects, yes I said seven, that I have going right now that I must really get a hold on this 'starting something new before previous projects are finished' thing I've got going on.  I can't help it, and don't look at me like that, like you're any better?

You know what it's like, you're going strong on a couple few dozen different things when your little eye spies something you know you just can't live without. There it is in the glossy pages of your newest catalog, or enticing you from your Google Reader, or even catching your eye from your tv set. Yes, I am one of those people who pays more attention to the background in tv shows/commercials than I do what's actually being said. Mr. Rendition is finally getting used to my comments like "That is an awesome mantel." or "I love that table that color."  or "That artwork looks expensive I bet I can make one like it for pennies." or even "I bet that would look great as our back splash."Truly, he doesn't even blink anymore. I usually just get a nod and an "uh huh."
'Revenge' that table is amazing & the candlesticks are the perfect centerpiece

'Revenge' There are no words for how beautiful that sideboard is & the color palette is 'beach cottage perfect'

'Revenge' Umm, yes please. I'll take one of these  kitchen's

Before the show is even over, the catalog finished, or the feeds gone through in the reader, I'm off to begin mentally assembling the supply list while I madly rummage through my studio in search of whatever I have on hand. There is no thinking, no clear thought pattern now. It's too late, I've been sucked in. I walk over, move aside, & shuffle through all my other projects that are in varying stages of completion without so much as a second thought. Just one more little project won't hurt anything at this point. Right?

This is the curse of the creative mind. We see inspiration everywhere. Places others might overlook. We see it in the sunrise as the colors splash off our counter tops while we pour a cup of coffee, we see it in the approaching clouds that threaten to spill over with rain, we see it in catalogs, shops, fabrics, faces, and even our pets. We hear it on our children's' laughter, our friends voices, our spouses quiet conversations, and our own thoughts. It's everywhere from the drive to work to the shopping at the grocery store.

This is what drives us to start "Just one more project." This is what compels us to experiment, blend, mesh, cut, glue, paint, build, tear apart, stitch, design, and sketch. It is also what causes the glue gun burns, the exacto cuts, the paint stained clothing, the 'badly in need of a manicure' hands, and the 'feels like I'm always wearing a pony tail' kind of days. This is what keeps our studios & craft rooms full of half finished projects and buried tables. It also happens to be the very same thing that allows us to create beauty within our lives & homes with our own two hands. I guess when it's worded like that, it might be more of a blessing after all.

All right enough blabbing for now, I'm off to poly a project I just finished so I can show her to you all in the next few days.  Until then, here is a sneak peek!
Sneak peek at the dresser I just finished.
Until next time!


  1. I swear I feel exactly the same and my hubby is also getting used to all the ideas and just nods with an "uh-huh". It is a blessing and a curse and I always have a dozen plus projects going (PIPs=Project In Progress). It's very comforting to know other women are going through it. I also like all the inspirational signs on Pinterest about not letting comparison stifle your creativity and to keep going being yourself! Heck with "I hope it's good enough" WE ARE!!! So glad to read your thoughts and am enjoying your blog immensely!! I'm a new follower and looking forward to more!!! If you need a pep talk, just get in touch! Sheila @ Blissfully Shabby

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