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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Resolutions, Blogging Terror, & My Copy-Paste Life {Part 2}

If you haven't already, you can read part 1 of this post to catch up on what I'm talking about.

I knew I wanted to have a blog, and hopefully a successful blog. I knew I wanted to create & share & connect with other women, women who would also dream in color, texture & creating with their own two hands. I knew I wanted to build friendships & learn from those who had gone before me. I wanted to soak it all in. I wanted to live the dream of doing what you love simply because you loved doing it. I just needed to be a little better.

When January rolled around this year posts about that dreaded word began to fly through blog land. Everywhere I went in my reader there were articles about resolutions, making changes, & doing it different in 2012. This time I didn't cringe or break out in hives, I read. I still believe resolutions as a whole are not for me, but I paid close attention to what I was reading anyway.

What I read were real thoughts from real women who sounded an awful lot like myself. Women who weren't exactly sure where they were going when they started out or if they would know how to do it when and if they got there. I was reading posts about doubt, insecurities, & trudging through the muck. These posts were grabbing me by the shoulders and screaming "See?! See, we're all in this together & we're all learning & overcoming."

I left my reader at that point & begin to hit the archives of my favorite blogs. I discovered if you looked beyond all the wonderful projects & amazing photographs, you could find posts about real life, real fears & insecurities, & real women. There were so many amazing posts I had missed in my quest to learn the 'perfect method' for...well, everything. I had been so focused on becoming 'good enough', learning techniques, & discovering 'my style', I had skipped over some pretty raw, real, heart felt content. In all my blog reading I had managed to miss what was really at the heart of blogging.

For days I continued to scour the archives of all my blogs & discovered treasure after treasure. I laughed out loud as I read about some of life's unexpected moments that leave you no other choice,  I cried & my heart hurt as I read of some heart wrenching experiences, I cheered them on with a "You go girl!" as they overcame obstacles & conquered fears, & I learned from them. Wow, just wow! I had completely missed the boat on this one. These other women weren't perfect or fearless; they weren't living some surreal fairytale life, they didn't always have it all figured out. I was copying & pasting all the wrong things into my life.

Women can be powerful allies, fierce protectors, phenomenal cheerleaders, brilliant teachers, & they can also be so real & so transparent that even from across a computer screen you can feel them lifting you up, supporting you, & encouraging you. Telling you to "Go for it. Just be yourself because yourself is all you need."

January is coming to a close soon & I am proud to say I have made a resolution. One single, simple resolution that I feel no anxiety over keeping up with. I no longer live a copy-paste life. It is as simple as that. I have gone back to being the most authentic version of myself I can possibly be. I also started that blog I thought so long & hard about. That blog I thought I needed to be better for.
That's me! *Squeal*

I will make mistakes as I tread through learning the ropes of HTML, linking, posting, & navigating the blog world, but I will share those mistakes along with my successes. I want to create just for the simple love of creating & I want to do it on my terms with my own unique style. My finger shakes every time I'm ready to hit 'publish' & I have no idea where, if anywhere, this road will lead me, but I am beyond excited to be here.

I wish I knew how to link to each & every one of the blogs that helped me break my copy-paste habit; every one that helped me see the only version of myself that would ever be good enough was the truly authentic version. By sharing of themselves & being true to who they are, they inspired me to do the same. That, my friends, is what is at the heart of blogging. Successes & failures aside, it is the reaching out to each other, the encouraging words, the support so freely given, the guidance, the friendship, the laughter, & the absolute uniqueness each & every one of us possesses.

Thanks for inspiring me, encouraging me, & pushing me forward. Even though we've never met, just know that your words are doing exactly as you intended....they are reaching the people that need them the most & lifting them to great heights.

Welcome to my blog; where my story will never be perfect, but it will always be real.  


  1. like.and my blog to date ...is a true newbie..I started when taking care of my granddaughter who now spends her day with Daddy and boy is she a Daddy's girl...never have to date got into my back stories...nor opened personal doors too wide..but as I read more blogs...their may come a time for a lil more of real me...hard to be so out their when out thier is the whole world...

  2. Couldn't agree more. I haven't shared too much of a back story, but maybe some day....


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