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Monday, January 30, 2012

Spray painting in January?!

Okay so here in the lovely state of Iowa we are experiencing an amazing phenomenon known as "this winter rocks!" It has reached a steamy 62 degrees here today. No joke people; I went crazy spray painting! I had my little hands full of random objects faster than you could blink & was out the door on my way to the garage. Oh, the happy miracle of it all! The smell of the plastic tarps, the rattle of the spray cans as they shook, and the hiss of the glorious color shooting from the nozzle was almost more than I could handle. Yes, I'm not ashamed to say I might have misted up.
Some of the items that got ambushed today
In case you're not familiar with Iowa in January, I will tell you it. is. never. this warm out. NEVER. We are usually inundated with some array of sleet/snow/ice storms/howling winds/sub-zero temperatures this time of year. Oh sure, we may have a decent day once a year where we hit 38 with low winds and we feel darn lucky to have it. To top that off; the weatherman is saying it's going to be a repeat tomorrow! I know, I know, enough of the exclamation points already but, can you blame me here?!
I had compiled a nice little pile of items patiently waiting for spring to receive their makeovers, but they got them today. I sprayed canisters, a little ceramic owl, a wooden cup holder, a metal basket, and a few more odds n' ends.
You'll forgive me for not posting more but I can not waste a moment of this weather & must get back outside...yes, my hands are full again :)
Until next time!


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