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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cake Pop Holder

Hello, hello bloggy friends!
I have a super quick & easy project for you today. A massively simple, anyone can do it, cake pop holder. Are you excited?! Me too. 
After making the Yoda cake pops for my nephews Star Wars birthday party, I was stumped for a hot little minute as to how I would display them, let alone transport them. 
I knew it wasn't going to be rocket science since all I needed to do was stand them up, but I needed it to be cute. When I say needed I'm so not kidding. I'm kind of known as the party queen in my family.I'm all about the theme parties, pretty labels, color coordinating food & drink to match the occasion or holiday...etc. You get the idea. So it was pretty much a need. Since this was a little boy's Star Wars party I had to knock off most of the cute ideas I already had in my arsenal for display options & hit the drawing board. 
We needed sleek, black, and simple.
After much thought and a wee bit of rummaging through the house....garage....basement....studio......and possibly even the boy's rooms, although that can't be verified, I came up with an obvious solution.
Ta Dah!
Scrap wood!
More precisely....scrap wood from an old tv stand we got rid of. See, I have this issue with throwing out good wood. I have come to realize there is more than likely always a use for it eventually.
Here's where it gets stupid simple. 
If you can mark a spot with a pencil, measure with a ruler, and drill a basic hole, you're in like flynn. 
Before I show you that I will tell you that even though this scrap was already black and I wanted the end color to be black.....I still primed & painted it anyway. 
Why go to the trouble? Because it was a bit scratched up. 
The tv stand itself was only a few months old when we dismantled it so it was in pretty good condition, but nicks & scratches weren't going to work for a super cool birthday party.
I gave it a light sanding, a coat of Kilz primer & 2 coats of Krylon satin black.
Once it was all dry I began marking off my holes. 
I estimated how much space each of the pops would need by placing a sucker stick on the board & putting a quarter on it's tip. 
Very rough estimate.
 I believe my marks were roughly 1 3/4" apart. 
In this picture you can see where I drilled a couple of test holes to get the feel for the sizing. 
I just measured & marked my spots with a regular pencil and started drilling. 
Yes, I am drilling these holes in my dining room. 
In my defense, I had cake baking in the oven & needed to hear the timer. 
In reality I was feeling super lazy/tired after my crafting madness spree on birthday gifts. 
I did place another piece of wood under the one I was drilling to make sure I didn't go through to my dining table. It needs a makeover, but not with worm holes that large. 
Just make sure you're holding the drill perfectly up & down & not at even the slightest angle. 
I had to catch my lazy/tired self a few times when I started to get a little wonky. 
I should say, I checked after drilling the first hole to make sure the sucker stick was a nice snug fit. 
It's been a few months, but I believe I used the 1/8 bit for the Wilton sucker sticks I had. 
Once all the holes were drilled I gave it a nice cleaning & started sticking pops in it. 
If you read yesterday's post you already saw the finished product, but here it is again just because I like looking at it. 
{Perfection if you don't pay attention to the wonky dork on the far right end there} 
When it comes to projects like this the sky is really the limit. 
I have seen so many really great ideas for displaying pops out there in blog land. 
It's a party after all, get creative, color outside the lines, and most of all...just enjoy the process.
 Failures included. 
I should say, the cake pops were a huge hit at the party and have been requested again.
Yeaaaaa for simple, yummy, happy goodness. 
Until next time!


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