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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chandelier Makeover ~ ~ Twice!

Here is another project I finished up this fall, but I'm sharing it since I'm a bit preoccupied trying to get my blog all figured out. This project actually went through 2 makeovers. 
If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed I have a few loves in life besides my family & one of those happens to be chandeliers.
 I want one in every room, on the front porch wouldn't be bad either. They can be simple chic little numbers with a few sleek arms & a smooth finish or elaborate pieces of art divine enough to make any home feel like an estate.
 Either way, I love them!
I happen to own a couple of them so it was time for a makeover. 
When we bought our house we were disgusted by not overwhelmed with the two chandy's that came with it. The one in our dining room was a brassy, rusty little number that's glory days had long since passed & the other sits atop our stairwell & is a builder grade, horrendously 90's model.
After having lived with them for far too long, I decided to do something about the one in the dining room. 
I was initially certain I wanted it ORB, but somewhere between thinking & doing I decided I needed to brighten the room up with some white.
 So Mr. Rendition brought her down to get a thorough scrubbing. 
I mean thorough. We're talking toothbrush scrubbing & getting in every nook & cranny of that baby.
I should mention that before I began scrubbing I took out the bulbs & covered the sockets with paper & loads of tape to keep it completely dry. I also tied up the cord and placed electrical tape around any exposed wiring.  
I used metal primer which is important when painting anything metal, but especially considering there was some rust beginning to show on the piece.
Of course, as I was finishing up the primer a late summer rain storm moved in quickly. I barely had enough time to grab this little puppy up & make it in the house. 
Since I'm pretty impatient & wanted to keep on trucking with this, I took it to the very back room of our basement to finish it. There's nothing in this room so it worked pout perfectly. 
I finished another coat of primer & got 2 coats of satin white on it.
Always wear a mask when spray painting!
Look at that fog screen! We had a fan in the doorway pulling the thick paint 'smoke' out & we also opened a couple of windows so there was plenty of ventilation. You always want to work in a well ventilated area & wear protection.
Once it was all painted I had
Mr. Rendition hung her back up. I like to add the bling & cord cover while it's hanging so I can see how everything will drape & fall. Some crystal strands & aqua cord cover finished it off, but....

I just wasn't loving it. It stayed like this for about a month before I couldn't take it anymore.
I sweet talked the mister into taking it down again. 
That was some serious sweet talking.
 I think if he never hung up or took down another chandelier again, it would be too soon.
I primed it again and this time painted it ORB. It was sooooo much better already. 
I painted the very tops of the candlesticks the same ORB as the chandy and covered the candle sticks with some pretty paper I fell in love with. 
I just measured, cut, & then used double sided tape to stick them on. 

Once those were finished I added some new bling-bling. 
  I went with individual crystals this time which I think is a much better look for our home. I pre-drilled holes in the cup rims in order to get the crystals to hang right.
I went ahead & added a small ceiling medallion before putting the chandy back up, but there are plans in the near future to change that up to something a bit better. Oh, & when I say "I", I totally mean Mr. Rendition & the the youngest 'roadie.'
I will admit, I cheated on the cord cover.
 I did not sew it. 
As a matter of fact I hot glued it while it was hanging on the ceiling. Maybe not ideal but I felt like I needed to see how the cord hung before I committed to anything.
Using the chandy as a glue gun holder, unconventional, but effective. Lol
My arms felt like they were going to fall off by the time I was finished, but it worked so I'm happy. 
 Here she is all finished up. 

It was late at night so the pictures aren't the best, but I'll post some better ones as soon as we see some sun here. I'm beginning to think that may never happen.
 No complaints though, I think we've topped out at about 2 1/2 inches of snow total this year!

Moral of the story: Listen to your gut. I should have stuck with the original idea of using ORB & I wouldn't have had to give this chandy 2 makeovers. 
Lesson learned. 
Until next time!


  1. Stacy, I am so glad to hear that there is someone else out there that does numerous do-overs. I am on my third chandy. I also have an Ethan Allen end table that has had three tops to it. I tell my sister that it is my "Wooden canvas". I love the black and think you were smart in your decision. You have an amazing Hubby that sounds as patient as my youngest son.

    1. Sometimes it takes a few times to get it right where you want it doesn't it?! I think as long at it still works, is still standing, & still resembles something usable....it can be made over. Sounds like you have a creative streak as wide as mine, feel free to send pictures of any pieces you've done! There MUST be loads of patience in this house; I'm always going 10,000 miles an hour & my mind changes just as fast sometimes. An 'assistant' who can roll with the punches is mandatory for great teamwork! Thanks so much for coming by for a visit!

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