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Monday, February 27, 2012

Discarded Fireplace Finds A New Home

As I was driving home one day I noticed a guy moving a large fireplace to the curb. It looked rather heavy but in otherwise great condition. It wasn't the prettiest fireplace in town, but the potential was absolutely there.
I pulled the truck over and asked him if there was anything wrong with it. He said there wasn't, but it was his fathers and they were cleaning out & updating the house. He was glad to help me load it into the truck and I was on my way home whistling and making plans for my new 'fauxplace.'

It was some kind of corrugated wood with a marble type inlay around the opening.
I gave it a good scrubbing and fixed some of the warped spots with some wood glue and clamps. 
It got a coating of primer and 2 coats of satin white paint. I don't have any pictures of the  process since it was well before my blogging days but you all know what paint and primer looks like. 
I used my cricut to cut some vinyl for the top of the opening and called it finished.

It actually stayed this way for over a year before I sat looking at it one day and something wasn't quite right. 
I had been refinishing some pieces and next to them, the fireplace looked too......white?....pristine? I don't know, but I did know it was time for a makeover. 
I wanted it to look like something that came out of or belonged in a very old house. It needed to be shabby, chic, and beautiful. 
Believe it or not, I had only that criteria in mind when I started gathering my supplies. I grabbed sandpaper, stain, paint, glaze, and a cup of water.
I gave the entire fireplace a light sanding so it would be ready for whatever I decided to do to it,
 hitting the edges pretty hard since I was going for an aged look. 
I mixed up some white, cream and tan and made a wash of it. 
I brushed it around in a random, sloppy way, pretty much covering the entire fireplace.
Just a lot of playing around. 
I went over the top of that with a light whitewash, adding more depth to the layering. 
I think when you're trying to make something look old it's important to get the layers of colors in there. It doesn't need to be different colors necessarily, just varying shades of the same color group. 
I wanted the inlay to look like old marble. 
I have seen several methods for creating this look and I kind of combined all of them until I just got the look I wanted.
I started with a basic color, kind of a gold/beige and let it dry.
I went over the top of that with a sloppy coat of a lighter cream and took a plastic grocery bag and dabbed it around the wet paint. 
This makes it look like the color is marbled and varied. 
I took an extremely thin tipped brush and added veins to the inaly and called it good!

Since I wanted this piece to look aged I didn't want to protect it with a poly coat. I have found even the satin is a bit shiny to pull off as 'aged.'
I went over the entire fireplace with 3 coats of Johnson's Paste Wax.
Not the best photo, but it gives you the idea.
I think she looks much better with some character!
just goes to show just because one person doesn't want a piece of 'furniture' any longer, doesn't mean it's done being beautiful. 
A little TLC and some paint and she's been a staple in my home for 3 years now.
I'm still considering some ideas for her insides. I'm not sure if I want to tile them or what yet. 
You'll know when I know :)
Until next time!


  1. paint to the rescue...what would we do without it...you rocked this one...and your taking a 2nd step made her go from pretty to WOW gorgemegus...that is a word....in my world at least.

    1. Love it! I make up words all the time so I totally get it. Lol. I'm just glad it turned out because when I started the 2nd phase of the makeover I was worried it would flop. I have to say, sometimes it's good to just go for it & see where you land. Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Wow Stacey. Just been through some of your furniture redos and this is my favorite! Nicely done...

    1. Thanks Cara! I love being able to give a curb find a new life. It has most certainly served me well over the last 3 years! It's held stockings, skulls, flags, & even some pumpkins. I've been trying to come up with some more creative display ideas for the opening where the electric logs used to go. I just got an adorable wrought iron screen, but I think it needs just a bit more. Thanks so much for saying hello, I love having you here!


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