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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dresser Becomes A TV Stand

Here is another project that was finished this fall I thought I'd share with you while I muddle through my blogger maze. 
I found this piece, along with the headboard I showed you awhile back, on our local Craigslist for free.
The minute I saw the little picture next to the post I knew I wanted it annnnddd exactly what I wanted to do with it. There's only so much you can tell from a picture though, so when I arrived to pick it up I was happy to see it was constructed of solid wood & was in excellent condition.
The very top had a super thin layer of some vinyl type material covered in extremely heavy lacquer. nothing a little sanding & primer couldn't take care of.
The bonus was it came with a mirror that wasn't even mentioned in the ad. She had forgotten all about the mirror and it was a beauty. The mirror is another post though as I have some pretty spectacular plans for it. 
 Of course I got excited to get started & didn't take any before pictures. I wasn't blogging then so I wasn't in the habit of documenting each project.
I sanded the top with 60 grit & worked my way up to 220. The top had such a heavy coating of lacquer on it I needed to break it down a bit further than the rest of the dresser. {For that I only used 150 & 200.}

This things is big & heavy. I fell in love with the design element on the drawers because otherwise the dresser is void of architectural.....anything. Just straight lines and smooth surfaces. 
I ended up applying 3 coats of my Krylon satin white spray paint, sanding lightly between coats. I know I've said it before, but it really is important for a more professional finish.
The hardware was finished in ORB & a satin clear top coat.
It got a very light distressing & a swipe of cocoa bean glaze.
I finished this one off with 1 coat of polycrylic & 3 coats of paste wax. 

All finished!
It works, it has plenty of storage, & it brightens up the living room.
Oh, and it cost nothing! My favorite.
I'm off to finish up a couple of projects that are taking up real estate in my studio. If everything goes according to the way I planned it, they should be ready to show you all in a day or two.
Until next time!


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