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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dresser Reveal!!

I'm finally finished!! 
Can you hear the angels singing? 
This has been one of the longest running projects in the Road's history, but I have to admit it was a blast. This little piece has had a long journey, but I think she is exactly where she needs to be....finished, sassy, and beautiful. Here's a little before & after so I don't keep you in suspense.
Before & After
Since this project went a few different directions  hit a few snags; I'm just going to show you the dresser and write a separate post for those who are interested in the 'how-to' of things. I learned a few new things during this makeover so if my hair pulling moments can help someone else avoid the pit falls, great!

She was found at at local flea market this past summer dirty and in need of some serious TLC.
Needing some serious love
That is some VERY old drawer liner
She was first made over for our living room to hold our tv. I needed something long with lots of storage and she fit the bill. So for several months she looked like this. But I wasn't 'in love' with her & knew she would eventually get another makeover.
She got her makeover and all I can say now is....she is one hot little number. {Picture overload coming up}

I almost always get a feel for how I'm going to finish a piece as soon as I acquire it. This one was a little different, It took me a bit longer to figure her out and nail down my colors and design choices, but once I did it all came together nicely. 
Can't you just see her in some teenage girls room or as a staging spot for a cute boutique? She would even make a wonderful buffet for an Alice in Wonderland birthday party or an adorable photo prop. There are so many things this little beauty could do. 

I love that her drawers are painted inside & out too. What a nice little pop of color when they're opened! 
Even though this one took me awhile to figure out and I hit some snags along the way; I wouldn't change a thing. She's a sassy little number full of attitude destined for great things. Don't forget there's going to be another post devoted to this little beauty where I share some of the pitfalls I hit and how you can hopefully avoid them.
Until next time!


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