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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy DIY Star Wars Birthday Gifts-Episode II: The Art Board & Poster

Hey all! I posted yesterday about some Star Wars signs I made my nephew for his birthday & today I'm going to show you a couple other items I made for his new room.
I also made him an art board where he could display his drawings or school papers or whatever he wanted. 
Then I also mounted a poster to some MDF board to make an XL piece of wall art. 
The art display board was simple a scrap piece of wood i had lying around like the other signs I made.
I gave it 2 coats of Krylon satin black spray paint & let it dry.
While it was drying, I painted some clothespins with Krylon's brilliant metallic silver spray paint. 
I don't have pictures of every step since this was right before I started blogging, but these are simple steps. 
Once everything was dry, I hot glued the clothespins to the board, evenly spaced. 
Again, I used the distant Galaxy font I downloaded from Da Font to make the lettering for the board. 
I used a fun apple green for this. 
I was sticking to 'Yoda' green, black & silver for all the projects.
I aligned & applied the lettering to the board & added hangers to the back. 
All done!
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I never thought they would end up on a blog.
For his poster, I simply took a scrap piece of MDF & painted around the edges with colors from the poster. I could have cut it down to exact size so I had no overhang, but it was so close & easier to just paint it. 
 I mixed up a few different colors to try & match the poster colors as close as possible.
Once it dried I coated the board with Mod Podge. 
and placed the poster on it.
 I smoothed out all the bubbles & wrinkles, first with a towel then with a credit card. 
Another coat was applied to the top of the poster and it dried. 
All done!
 I have just a few more projects to show you that I made for his birthday including a lamp, vinyl trash can, door hanger, and a light up Darth Vader mask. 
Until next time!


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