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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Soda Addiction Keychain & Coasters

Hello, hello my dear bloggy friends.  I'm back, as promised, with a cute little gift idea I'm whipped up for my friend for her birthday. 
 She, like many of us, gets through the day on a decent supply of caffeine.
She sticks with unleaded (read diet) while I'm still pumping in the diesel (read NOT diet) so I was either going to have to go grab a 6-pack of her flavor or steal me some cans. 
Luckily, she brings a couple cans with her when she comes over so she made stealing cans a breeze.
I saw a couple of ideas out in blog land some time ago & bookmarked it so I could try it some day. 
Well, that day was today. Technically yesterday but whose keeping track?
Soda can key chain & coasters

The 1st idea I found over at  Diary of a Crafty Lady when she did her diet coke key chain. Seriously adorable, you should go check it out.  Grab a cup of joe and stay awhile because anyone who can come up with an I-Spy tree is a creative genius in my book.

I washed my cans and let them dry before I attacked them with my kitchen shears. Yes, I realize it might have been easier to use tin snips but I could only find the size humungo ones and hubby was still at work.

I used my can opener to cut off the top of the can.

 BE CAREFUL goes without saying here, 

it's aluminum and it's sharp!

I cut the top rim off because it was getting in the

 way of getting the scissors where I needed them. 

Those things are tough!

I cut the bottom off next so I could get a nice clean

 cut down the side of the can. The bottom of these 

cans are impossible to cut......with scissors. 

Thankfully Mr. Rendition got home from work &

located human size tin snips for me.
Crisis averted.

Cut the can down the center making sure to stay away from any logos or designs you may want to use. Now you have a nice chunk of aluminum soda can heaven to mold into whatever your little heart desires.

 I got out some of my punches and

 some diamond glaze to start & kind 

of just figured out what sections I 

wanted to cut out.

Cutting, cutting, & some more cutting. You can be 

as random as you want with this.

While I was cutting out all the small pieces, I had a 

few slivers go popping off somewhere so please 

take my advice here & wear protective eye 

covering....if it's cute & pink well that's just a bonus.

 It was 1 am as I was 

finishing this step up so no, I won't win

 any beauty contests. On the other 

hand, I was pretty excited to be 

wearing my new safety glasses for the 

first time ever so you'll hopefully 

forgive the dorkiness that is me. 

He he he he.

  I used the sharp tip of an


needle to poke a hole in each 

piece so

 I could add jump rings later.

Once I had everything cut out the way

 I wanted it, I laid it all out on a

 ceramic floor tile so I would have 

a level surface to work & 

move the pieces around on.

 {You want to keep 

your items as level & still as 

possible once coated.}

 Everything got a layer of 3-D 

crystal lacquer then I let it set up 


The 2nd project I wanted to give a whirl came from Amy from The Idea Room
I modified it slightly & only added the cut out logo from the soda can rather than the entire square. I loved the black tile against the green logo so I wanted the contrast to show. 

I used what I had lying around which happened to be liquid nails. I used a nail to help spread a light layer of it around on the back of the aluminum & stuck it to the tile. 

At least it won't go anywhere.

Once I had it placed where I wanted
 it, I rubbed over the metal to get
 everything adhered evenly & wiped
 up any excess that seeped out. I
  placed them under a stack of books
  & let em' dry overnight.


{In this picture they look milky but it's 

because the lacquer is still wet. They

 will dry crystal clear.}

  The next day I poked through the

 holes in the key chain pieces since

 they had closed up with the 1st coat 

of gloss. They got a 2nd coat and the 

coasters got their 1st coat of gloss.

In total, I gave the coasters 2 coats of

gloss & the key chain pieces got 3,

 as well as 1 coat on the back to keep

 everything smooth.


   I added a few little felt 

circles for the bottom, polished them 

up and they were finished.

The smaller pieces got added to a 

little length of chain with some jump 

rings & added to a key clip.

These cute little trinkets will be added to 

the little gift basket I'm putting together 

so I hope she likes them.

 Don't be afraid to try out new crafting mediums in fun new ways, you'll never know what cuteness you can come up with!

Until next time!


  1. This soda is bad for you Stacey. Please start drinking more water and maybe some tea.

    1. Agreed. It is one of my vices that I have been cutting back on lately. I have started drinking more of that flavored water.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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