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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A suitcase Makeover

Suitcases are everywhere. 
 There's chairs, pet beds, side tables, tables, you name it you can probably find it. I love it. 
There's nothing better than taking such a normal, almost boring item and jazzing it up for an entirely new purpose. I have four of them but I think I'd like to get just a couple more. I'm currently using three of them in my studio for storage, which I will be sharing soon. They look adorable stacked up under my "sewing" table. Understand, sewing in this sentence is used very loosely.  It's barely a table..yet, & I don't do a whole lot of sewing...yet. I dream big I tell ya. If I can teach myself how to sew, a massive obstacle will have been conquered. Angels will sing. Harps will play. And I'm not making any concrete promises here, but there's a good chance it could make the international news. I'm just sayin'.

I went ahead and gave a couple of mine a make over. I will apologize in advance because I can't find the before pictures I took of them. They're somewhere among the 4,ooo plus pictures I have on my computer but so far I cannot find them. You'll just have to use your imagination here. I got them at a garage sale from the original owners for $5 a piece. A pretty good score considering they were in mint condition. They're even monogrammed. Anyway, two were brown and one was a cream color. For a split second I considered keeping them as is since they weren't too bad, but are you kidding me? I can never leave anything just "as-is."

They all got a good scrubbing and a coat of primer. I won't bore you with pics here because we all know what a primered suitcase looks like.
I decided on black and white since I already had a lot of pink going on in my studio. They each got 2 coats of my fave Krylon colors; satin white & satin black.
Primed, painted, and ready to go.
I wanted to cover them with some fabric to give them a little more pop. I have a lot of solids going on in the studio so I was working on adding some texture & patterns. I chose a cute zebra cotton fabric for the white suitcase. I get a lot of my fabric from Fabric.com. I think their prices are extremely reasonable and their selection is great. I am not being compensated in any way for saying that, I just personally think they have a great site & I like to pass on good information.

Since the section of fabric I had was just a little bit short to cover the entire width of the suitcase I decided to go with some trim later on & went ahead and used it. I sprayed the suitcase down with some spray adhesive and lined the fabric up. When working with spray adhesive you do have a little wiggle room but I still suggest getting it on as smooth as possible the first go round.
adding the fabric after spraying it down with some adhesive
Working with such a light weight fabric actually helped in the process of getting everything laid down smoothly. I did each side of the suitcase and then each end section, so in all I had6 separate sections to work with. I did not worry about getting everything exact because I knew I was going to come back after it dried and trim it up with my exacto.
One of the side sections
After I had the white one covered I went ahead and added some black ribbon as trim since it was the perfect width to finish covering the suitcase. I mod podged it on and let it set up.
 While that was setting up, I started on the black one. With this one I went with the same material I used to make the curtains in my studio. It was a much thicker material and in hind sight I probably wouldn't have used it, but it all turned out so all is good. I followed the same process for this suitcase as I did for the other one. 

Black suitcase ready for some fabric love

Once I had the fabric on both suitcases and trimmed I covered them both with mod podge. I applied one coat and let them dry. I knew these little guys were going to take some wear and tear being in the studio and being utilized for storage so I wanted to protect them one step further. I gave them a light sanding after the mod podge dried and wiped them down. I went with some satin finish poly for the next coat.

I did give them both a light sanding and wipe down when they were completely dried. Now they sit in my studio storing all my cute fabrics and some odd n ends.

I'm almost ready to reveal my studio....just trying to finish up a few miscellaneous projects. But really/ Are we truly ever done? He he he he, I promise, I'll find a stopping point so I can share all the girly goodness. 
Until next time!


  1. darn,,,,these are way cool.I have a suit case at the shop that has not sold...and I am thinking of bringing home and painting and then doing some stencils.....on them....and the inside do some fabric....really girl you do great stuff....

  2. wow...that is really nice. Adorable. Was thinking of redoing mine but with scrapbook paper, not sure how it will hold up though since I use them as outdoor photo props...still thinking on it. Thanks for sharing.


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