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Friday, February 24, 2012

Yoda Cake Pops

 I actually tried my hand at the adorable cake pops I've seen floating all over blog land. I will never measure up to the perfection that is Bakerella, but they were yummy annnnd stayed on the stick. A girl really can't ask for much more than that. 
 Since I was making these for my nephews Star Wars birthday party, I went with some 'Yoda' pops.
There are so many wonderful tutorials out there that I ended up using a mix of several of them. I was surprised at how simple it really was....considering me and putting things on sticks have never, in any way, ever, worked out in the past. Word to the wise here...not a good idea to make marshmallow pops with colored sugar crystals when it's 100 in the shade. Common sense? Probably. Was I too busy to check on them? Yep. Sad story for another day. 
I baked a regular boxed vanilla cake mix and let it cool. I'm crafty...I'm not Martha Stewart and choose to leave the real baking to those that know how. For me, anything in a box works great.
Once it cooled enough to handle, I crumbled it up in a mixing bowl & added a little over half a can of french vanilla frosting. 

 Once it was all incorporated together I began to make roughly 1 inch balls.
There is something extremely pleasing and relaxing about playing in gooey cake/frosting mix that makes it feel forbidden.
I swear I kept waiting for my mother to walk in the kitchen and holler at me to quit playing with the food.
I used a TBSP measuring spoon to keep the size of the pops uniform & it worked like a charm. You could really make them any size that suits you obviously.
I placed them on a cookie sheet on foil & placed them in the freezer to chill.
While they were chilling, I melted some Wilton chocolates on the stove in my DIY double boiler.
{A saucepan with a couple of inches of water in it with another saucepan on top of that.}
I pulled the pops out of the freezer when the chocolates were melted and stuck the sucker stick in the chocolate & immediately stuck it in the pop.
This provides a 'bump' of chocolate to keep the pops from falling off the stick when you dip them.
I popped the pops back in the freezer for a few minutes and added some green coloring to the chocolates.
I dipped the pops, which I may need some practice at, and placed them in my DIY cake pop holder. I'll give you a rundown in another post. These are great little things to have around, especially if you have little ones or do several parties a year.
I have read a few posts where they recommend adding some cooking shortening to the  chocolates to make them smoother. I will definitely try this next time since mine were a wee bit on the bumpy side.
Once they dried, I added each on to a Wilton treat bag & curled some ribbon around the stick to close it off. I did  make a few pops with extra long sticks and glitter sugar special for the birthday boy.
I constructed a quick sign with some card stock & some glittered chip board letters.
All in all, the cake pops were pretty easy to make & the end result was delicious.
We have a lot of spring birthdays in our family and I recently purchased some push up containers from
Pick Your Plum I can't wait to try out, so I'll share that experiment with you as well.
Until next time!


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment about my desk project. Following you back! {HUGS}

  2. How cute.........and easy. I'll have to try these for my grandkids.
    Thanks StaceyAnne for visiting my blog PICKINandPAINTIN.blogspot.com...........Im now following you back. COME BACK SOON.

    1. Hey Candy, gosh I'm feeling the guilt hit me replying to my older comments. Even when I was sucked into the tornado of life, I made time for my blog roll. I have to tell you, I am in LOVE with the turquoise you use!!!! I've come over every single day for the last 2 weeks just to make sure I didn't miss anything painted with that beautiful color. Now I just need to get better at deciphering what wood is what. Thanks for visiting me!

  3. I totally agree, anything in a box is the best (at least as far as time saving goes!)


    (a blog all about COLOR!)


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