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Thursday, July 5, 2012

America The Beautiful~ A Linen Flag & 4 Decor

As promised, here are the little patriotic projects I made. I do realize they are a day late, but they were just too darn cute not to share. 

I have been lightening up the decor in out living/dining room as of late & wanted my 4th of July decor to blend in a bit more. Without altering the colors too much, I broke out some lighter linen fabric & set out to design a flag. 
I started out by measuring, dividing, & sketching out my lines for the stripes.
I would use watercolor pencils to draw the lines if i did it again. Some of the pencil marks showed through in the end, but since it's just for my home it's no biggie
Once I got that done I taped off the lines to paint the white.
I just used a foam roller and went over the fabric lightly 2-3 times. I did not want complete coverage on this. I wanted it to look like it was a bit faded & worn. 
I use paper plates when I just need very small amounts of paint & I need to roll it.
 If you buy the foam plates & rinse them as soon as you're done using them, you can actually put them away with your supplies & get several uses out of them. 
I did the same with the light blue by rolling it on in thin coats leaving some of the fabric exposed.
Hmmmmmmm, could that be a peek at another project in the background there???
I let it dry overnight before I painted the stars on so nothing would smudge.
I traced a paper plate the next day & used the negative space from the star stencil I used on my wooden flag. (bottom of post)
I try to use as much as possible wherever I can & waste as little as possible.
(When I cut vinyl with my cricut I go ahead & use whatever parts I need, but then save the other, usually being the negative, for a stencil on another project.)

Anyway, I just used the negative star space as a stencil & dabbed on some white paint. 
I didn't take pics of this step, but it was pretty cake.

I also printed, traced onto a board, & then cut out an XL plywood number 4. 
I thought the chunkiness of it would look pretty nice on my 4th mantel.
I used the poster setting on my printer to print this in a 3x3 then cut/taped it together
Once it was all taped & attached to the board, I cut it out using my jigsaw.
It got a good sanding & a few layers of paint in varying shades of blue. 
I just used regular ol' craft paint for the differing shades of blues
I gave it a topcoat of white & sanded it again.
sitting on my mantle in not very good dusk lighting

I took everything outside for some pretty pictures. 
There might be just a few pictures here, I just couldn't decide which ones to use :)
My pretty little turquoise shutters finally found their way into a photo op!

Ii really liked how the muted colors turned out

Annnnd just because blue Ball jars are so pretty, here are a few more. 


I just could have shot pictures of this vignette all night.
Here's a real quick shot or two of the wooden flag I did as well. 
I've been making these for years, but there's so many beautiful ones out there in blog land with detailed tutorilas, I won't go into how it was done. 
Old Glory

That little fan just cannot stay out of the photos. He's kind of an attention hog isn't he?!
Thanks for checking out my 'late to the party' patriotic decor.
 I hope you all had a safe & wonderful holiday. 
I will be back in a bit to show off a pretty little armoire & her new outfit. 
Until next time!


  1. What a great idea. Love it.

  2. Great tutorial! That is so pretty and fresh, and I do love me some numbers so your 4 gave me lots of ideas about blowing up giant numbers around here! Pinned it too.

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