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Monday, July 9, 2012

French Graphic Bedside Tables

I know I promised you the finished armoire I'd been working on, buuuuuuut it's busy throwing a hissy fit right now so it'll be another day.
I do have another project to share with you though. 
I finished this during my 3 month disappearance hiatus from my blog.
 I nabbed a couple of bedside tables for pretty cheap early in the spring & decided to make them over for my bedroom.
My color scheme was supposed to be yellow, grey, & white with small touches of black & maybe a few chrome or silver accessories.
But I like soft colors for my bedroom. Always have.
I forged onward regardless.
I was sure I was ready for change. I have always loved color in every other area of my home.
Maybe it was time to switch it up a little.

I even picked out the perfect yellow & painted them.
With the help of my adorable neice.
Who happens to be a natural with the paint roller.
Painting with Halea

Remember when I told you I was completely incapable of working on just one project at a time? There's  the french script coffee table I was finishing up during that time as well as a drafting table in my studio.
All painted but just not feelin' em'
I thought I loved them when they were all painted, I tried to love them....but after looking at them for about a week, I realized it just wasn't going to work for me.
Do- over time.
I painted them again in a soft white & used a french image from the Graphics Fairy.
I transferred the image to the tables using my usual method and filled them in.
I also used a small stencil in all the corners to add a little bit more since the graphic I chose was very simple & clean.
They got lightly distressed, but they were missing something.
They looked a little plain in all their boxy.....ness?
There were no pretty curves or delicate design elements to dress em' up.
 So, I went ahead &  added some.
A little drywall compound & stencil on the drawer fronts did the trick.
I just placed the stencil where I wanted it, taped it down, & gave it 2 light layers of wall compound.
I was temporarily out of painters tape so I used scoth tape & just barely stuck it down. Worked perfectly.

I lightly sanded it when it dried, but just enough to remove any raised bumps or nubbins.
I used some Minwax dark walnut stain to glaze it all over for a little aging.
It got a whole lot bit darker than I wanted it to, but I also kind of liked it.
 Since I wasn't dead sure; I set it in a place I would see it frequently & just thought about it for a few days.
Lookin' pretty dark for the light, airy feel I was aiming for
After a few days I decided they were, in fact, a bit too dark for me.
The best remedy for this was a simple whitewash.
I watered down some of the same white paint I painted the tables with & just brushed it all over.
I wiped a lot of it off with a slightly damp rag until I acheived the look I was after. 
They were finished off with 3 coats of Johnsons Paste Wax & buffed to a nice shine.

As I look at these photos I realize I took them before I put the correct hardware on.
 I wanted to get pictures taken with some outdoor lighting because it was supposed to rain for several days in a row, but I didn't have the knobs I wanted yet.
I just threw on what I had lying around so I could beat the storms....and I did.
I'll try to get a couple pictures of the knobs I have on there now so you can see how much better they look.
All right, I'm off to finish my continuing saga of trying to figure out where my Gmail account went.
If you have e-mailed me & haven't heard back from me yet, I'm working on it, they're working on it, I've even got my tech guy (AKA my big brother) working on it.
I can still be reached via my Facebook page.
Wish me luck!


  1. StaceyAnne..........these turned out great. I love the texture you added with joint compound. Can you buy this in small quantities?? All I've ever found is in 5 gallon buckets. I wanna try this. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!


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