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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pallet Table #2 'Beach' themed

Okay, so you've already seen my first pallet table I made a few days ago. I went ahead and made 2 tables at once, but just finished them differently. 
You can go here to read the basics on how I actually built the table, this post is just going to focus on the finish.
Once it was sanded, repaired, & prepped I sprayed it down with a water based stain I got from the oops section. 
Okay so let's just say it was really pretty in the can okay? We've all been there right?!
{I used the exact same method for applying the stain as I did on the walnut table.} 
It was called 'driftwood' which was exactly what I was looking for, but once I applied it, I was kind of shocked at how dark it was. 

 I was aiming for a 'touch' of the greenish color & not a full on attack of green that I ended up with.
I decided to give it a whitewash to tone it down. 
I just mixed up some white paint & water & brushed it all over with one of my rather....ugly brushes. 
I have a couple of pretty roughed up brushes I use for those times when I'm just not going to be able to be gentle with my application. 
It was definitely much better, but it still wasn't the picture I had in my head.

I let everything dry overnight while I worked on my plan for the design.
My bubble had been busted a bit & I just wasn't feeling the same enthusiasm for the project I was earlier.
I just couldn't get it in the direction of what I was seeing in my minds eye.
I soldiered on regardless hoping I could recover it somehow.

I tend to shy away from using stencils for a lot of my projects basically because I haven't found a way to make them not look like a stencil. 
Make sense?
Okay, whenever I use stencils for lettering, it just gives my projects the look of a bad grade school assignment. 
How you other girls do it is beyond me, because I've seen some projects using basic block-type stencils that look pretty-durn-good.

I decided against my negative-nancy attitude long enough to realize that was exactly the type of lettering I would need to pull off the style I wanted.
So I pulled out my 3" stencils & my pouncer & got to work.
Yes, I totally brought the pallet inside & set it up on a beach towel on my coffee table.
The place 90% of my projects end up at one time or another in the creation process.
I swear my coffee table sees more action than....

Ok, so I figured out where I wanted to lay everything out, squirted some soft off-white paint onto a paper plate & pounced my way through some stenciling.
I added a 'sign' of sorts to the top & even gave the sides some detail.
I took it outside the next day & gave it a thorough distressing. I wanted it to appear pretty weathered by the the salt, sand, & breeze. 
As I was doing this, I realized it wasn't as smooth as I would have liked it in between the planks. 
So I grabbed some sandpaper & went to work.
And kept sanding........
Down both sides..........of both pallets
Ya, it took just a bit to finish up that gem of a chore. 

Once I was happy with the smooth factor of the pallets, I cleaned it all up & applied 3 coats of Krylon clear satin spray with a light sanding in between each coat. 
I let that dry overnight & went at it again with some polyurethane.
Everything dried for 48 hours....only because I got busy priming a dining set, before it was assembled.

Again, you can find the detailed instructions for that here.
I used the same 2" casters with the bronze finish for this table too & I must say, this one went together so much easier after making all my mistakes figuring everything out on the first table.
Just as I was getting ready to assemble the table....
some wasps decided to show up & join the party.
I. Don't. Do. Wasps.

My son had only been home long enough to shower, after a 12 hour day in the fields, when he noticed me jumping about & cursing at what must have appeared to be thin air. 
He was so sweet to grab some wasp spray, without even being asked, & 'stand guard' while I put it together.
I know, it just doesn't get any better than that does it.
I did this one just a bit differently since I had an extra set of hands available. 
I stood the pallet up on the four 4x4's to drill the pilot holes. 
It's SO much easier to drill down than up & having someone else steady it while I drilled made it a breeze to finish.
I got all the posts attached & moved on to the top. 
This time it fit like a glove the very first try.
Ya for learning from mistakes! *Giggles*
Everything went together beautifully and I have to say, I love, love, love the finished results!
What started out as a burst design bubble turned into one of my favorite projects yet. 
I say that a lot don't I?
It must seem like every project is my favorite project.
Can't help it...I love what I get to do every day.
So here it is all finished up.
 Whenever I do a project involving numbers, I try to use numbers that are special to me somehow. 
My oldest is turning 19 next week so I used his birth date in this project.
Dock 07 for July and Pier 31 for the 31st.
Nineteen years has gone by entirely too fast.
 There is plenty of room on this bottom 'shelf' for some adorable baskets.

 I think the weathering looks just right without being overdone.
 For some reason this picture looks a lot more blue than it really is. The other pictures where it looks like a more faded light green is a better depiction of the color.
 I placed the pier & dock signs on both sides of the table.
So there it is.
Another table made from castaway pallets!
This entire project was made from reclaimed parts except for the screws & casters which in my eyes is pretty awesome. 
Anything we can do to keep items out of our overflowing landfills is a win in my book.
These tables would be great outside as well as in and slide around so easily on the casters.

I hope you try your hand at making one & if you have any questions at all, please e-mail me & hopefully I can help.

Until next time!
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  1. perfect for someones cottage or beach inspired room! I love the oops color! Its about the color I want to find for my front door!

  2. This is beautiful Stacey! I wish I had a backyard or patio to use this on. Thanks so much for sharing! : )

  3. That is a beautiful pallet table! I love the lettering on it as well. Megan

  4. that is awesome! love the colors, the words.... all of it!!!

  5. I LOVE this table! I am going to pin it if you do not mind so I remember to try this one day soon! I would love something like this on my lanai.

  6. I'm in love! This is turned out amazing, and I love the stencil!!
    Newest follower here!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  7. Love it! What a great project!

  8. Love the color and the lettering. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a minute. http://sister-number-5.blogspot.com

  9. LOVE THIS! i would love to feature it, if this would be ok with you please let me know,

  10. Wonderful re-do! lovin' all this pallet stuff!

  11. I love the beach theme. Reminds me of my days in Huntington Beach, CA. :)

  12. I absolutely adore this project! Great job! Stopping by from POWW! Officially a follower! Look forward to seeing more! -Kennesha @ Restoration House Interiors

  13. This is one of my most favorite pallet projects - ever! I love the color, the lettering and of course the casters! Not to mention the fact that almost everything was recycled - bravo! Thanks so much for linking up and linking back!

  14. Just to let you know. I'm stealing this idea. I LOVE IT! can't wait to try it. Of course I will link back to you. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. This is a gorgeous pallet table!!!

  16. I LOVE this! Beautiful color and I love the graphics, the wheels and everything about it!

  17. TOTALLY awesome - everything about it. Perfectly beachy.:)
    Following you now.

  18. That is SO fun!! Very unique-love it! Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a sweet comment-I'm your newest follower :)

  19. Oh, wow, Stacey Anne! It's beautiful! I love the beachy color! Gorgeous job! I'm going to include a link back in this week's DIY highlights. Thanks for sharing your hard work and creativity! {yikes! wasps! so glad your son came to the rescue!}

  20. Pretty sure this is the best pallet table I've ever seen. WOW. The color is fantastic, and the stenciled letters worked out GREAT (even though you cringed at the thought!). Absolutely perfect!

  21. Love it,love it, love it!!!! Great job!

  22. Sorry this is not regarding your recent post. But I cannot find anywhere to contact you via email. Right in the middle of your blog is a small box with all the share info and I cannot figure out how I delete it so I can read your blog. Am I missing something and need to join first?

    Your help would be appreciated so that I can read your blog and look at your pictures.

  23. wow!!! love it! you did a fabulous job, and I don't usually like beachy stuff. :)
    thanks for sharing at catch as catch can!


  24. I absolutely LOVE it! What a wonderful job. I found you throughgh Sharon at Elizabeth and Company and I am your newest follower. I am typing this "blind" because you have a box of FB/etc. that is covering half of hte comment form and I can only see part of what I write. Blessings- xo diana

  25. Featured you at our party this morning! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you again!

  26. This looks fantastic. Love the beachy quality, the color and the stenciling. x

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