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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Upcoming Projects and A Beautiful Day

Can you hear me humming? I am. I've been humming since I got up this morning and do you want to know why I have this happy little hiccup in my giddy up?  Of course you do; because the awesome readers of this blog are the curious smarty pants type. Yes you are.

Well, as promised, we are having another beautiful day here in the great state of Iowa. I am still running my trigger hand at full throttle and lovin' every minute of it. Mr. Rendition may have other thoughts on the topic though. You see, when I go to the garage to paint I am reminded of all the work waiting to be done out there. Work involving the garage itself. When that happens he gets 'reminded' of all this said work. While I happily sprayed away he may have been grumbling in the corner as he sorted through my insane stack of wood. I kid, he did okay...just slight grumbling.

Since I'm keeping my little self busy outdoors today I will share some projects that are going to be showing up here in the next couple of weeks. My studio looks a lot like a used furniture showroom right now and I may or may not have an armoire being painted in the dining room. Regardless of where they are being done, there are a lot of interesting things going on here.

One of the projects I'm most excited about is this little rolling cart.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Spray painting in January?!

Okay so here in the lovely state of Iowa we are experiencing an amazing phenomenon known as "this winter rocks!" It has reached a steamy 62 degrees here today. No joke people; I went crazy spray painting! I had my little hands full of random objects faster than you could blink & was out the door on my way to the garage. Oh, the happy miracle of it all! The smell of the plastic tarps, the rattle of the spray cans as they shook, and the hiss of the glorious color shooting from the nozzle was almost more than I could handle. Yes, I'm not ashamed to say I might have misted up.
Some of the items that got ambushed today
In case you're not familiar with Iowa in January, I will tell you it. is. never. this warm out. NEVER. We are usually inundated with some array of sleet/snow/ice storms/howling winds/sub-zero temperatures this time of year. Oh sure, we may have a decent day once a year where we hit 38 with low winds and we feel darn lucky to have it. To top that off; the weatherman is saying it's going to be a repeat tomorrow! I know, I know, enough of the exclamation points already but, can you blame me here?!
I had compiled a nice little pile of items patiently waiting for spring to receive their makeovers, but they got them today. I sprayed canisters, a little ceramic owl, a wooden cup holder, a metal basket, and a few more odds n' ends.
You'll forgive me for not posting more but I can not waste a moment of this weather & must get back outside...yes, my hands are full again :)
Until next time!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Headboard Fit For A Princess

Are we all having a great weekend?
I love weekends like this when the house is quiet and I feel like I can actually get some things accomplished. I have been on an organizing kick lately and trying to get some more projects for my studio complete.
 It's finally painted and the curtains are made so I'm on to smaller decor & storage ideas.
 I live in a house full of men so having an entire room to myself is beyond amazing. I'm not ashamed to tell you I picked the girliest color I could and splashed it everywhere.
Yes, girliest is now a word.

Since I'm working on finishing that up {along with a few pieces of furniture & a couple of gifts} and it's not ready to show you yet, I decided to show you another piece I did for my brothers new house.

My little niece is four and about as girly as they come. She loves everything pink, purple & pretty. I have only boys so you can imagine how quickly I jump at the opportunity to make anything involving pink or glitter.

I happened to find a matching dresser, mirror, and headboard for free on craig. Lucky day indeed.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Drafting Table Makeover

Hey all!
Okay so the dresser I was supposed to show you all today hit a snag. Luck would have it that I need to go pick up some more poly. Hard to believe for the girl that could open her own paint store in her basement, but so true.
Lucky for you, you will not go way empty-handed. I have just the consolation project to share with you. This was one I happened to have just finished up right before Thanksgiving as a gift for my brother, and it tops out my 5 all time faves. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Curse/Blessing of the Creative Mind

I have so many exciting projects in the works right now I'm not sure which one to share first! Here in the Midwest we're not experiencing a typical winter at all. We've had all of 3 inches of snow and more than our share of mild days. Spring is still too far off for my taste but I'm not complaining about being able to sand furniture on my back patio is all I'm saying.

I was wondering to day as I sat and looked at the seven projects, yes I said seven, that I have going right now that I must really get a hold on this 'starting something new before previous projects are finished' thing I've got going on.  I can't help it, and don't look at me like that, like you're any better?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pottery Barn Knock-Off for $0!

Hello bloggy friends!

I was so stoked about this project when I first saw it & knew I needed to have it. I first stumbled across it on the Pottery Barn website, but filed it on the back burner. I wasn't quite ready to make any large art yet with all the furniture makeovers I had going on, but I was in love. Fast forward to this summer when I was itching to get away from the big stuff & hit up some pretty wall art.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Motivational Pallet Sign & a 'Fail' Moment

Hello dear bloggy friends!

I have a quick little project for you today using everyone's favorite; reclaimed pallet wood. I am lucky enough to have a business close to my home that allows me to take pallets at my whim. They are not food grade pallets so I have no fears of chemical pesticides being used on them. If you're not that lucky, I'm sure you'll still be able to find them fairly easily. Your local Craigslist, businesses near your home or work, or maybe even friends. Yea, I have cool friends like that too :) Just ask, you may be surprised at what your peeps have shoved in their garages.

I love quick projects that add a quality of uniqueness to my home so I whipped up a sign that would inspire me every time I saw it. Signs are one of my absolute favorite things to make, the possibilities are endless! I have made signs for every room in our home & being able to use colors matching your decor, personalizing them with names or dates, and making them the exact size needed for the wall are all reasons to make your own if you don't already. They also make for heartwarming gifts for friends & family. Have I convinced you yet?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Resolutions, Blogging Terror, & My Copy-Paste Life {Part 2}

If you haven't already, you can read part 1 of this post to catch up on what I'm talking about.

I knew I wanted to have a blog, and hopefully a successful blog. I knew I wanted to create & share & connect with other women, women who would also dream in color, texture & creating with their own two hands. I knew I wanted to build friendships & learn from those who had gone before me. I wanted to soak it all in. I wanted to live the dream of doing what you love simply because you loved doing it. I just needed to be a little better.

When January rolled around this year posts about that dreaded word began to fly through blog land. Everywhere I went in my reader there were articles about resolutions, making changes, & doing it different in 2012. This time I didn't cringe or break out in hives, I read. I still believe resolutions as a whole are not for me, but I paid close attention to what I was reading anyway.

What I read were real thoughts from real women who sounded an awful lot like myself. Women who weren't exactly sure where they were going when they started out or if they would know how to do it when and if they got there. I was reading posts about doubt, insecurities, & trudging through the muck. These posts were grabbing me by the shoulders and screaming "See?! See, we're all in this together & we're all learning & overcoming."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Resolutions, Blogging Terror, & My 'Copy-Paste' Life {Part 1}

I will tell you I don't believe in New Years resolutions. I don't, really. I feel pressured, closed in, boxed off, & watched. Watched like I am expected to come up with my own list of amazing feats to be accomplished with this fresh new year I've been given.

When the conversation around me begins to go the way of heady promises & dramatic goals I can actually feel my throat closing up & the hives beginning to itch. {Okay that was slightly dramatic} I don't know why I'm like this. Maybe it comes from the past resolutions I've made & broken. {In very short order at times} Maybe it's because the idea of laying out such concrete decisions for myself, so far in advance, seems intimidating.

Maybe it's because I'm not meant to be a goal-driven, go-getter, 'ready to make my mark on the world' kind of girl? I'd like to think I am be that kind of girl so what's the problem?What is the problem indeed.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Test Post

This is a test post and only a test post. Please do not be alarmed as there is no content attached to this post. Repeat; this is a test post, only a test post. Proceed with your blog reading as normal. Thank you.
I am currently in the process of figuring out how to set up and efficiently run my blog. There is a lot more to learn than I thought so I am hitting a few snags. I mistakenly thought I could sign up, add some great content, attach a few pretty pictures and away I would go. Figuring out how to center pictures, add content, make my background visible, and learning HTML has proven to be more high-tech than I was prepared for. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to computers so I should pick it up in no time, but in the mean time my posts might be off kilter, my pictures may not show correctly and my content may be sporadic. If you can hang in there through that, all two of you, I can promise there is going to be some pretty great projects coming up.
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