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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quick Distressed Canvases

Here is a project that's made it's way around blog land many times over. 
It's quick, it's simple, and it's customizable. 
All that's required is a canvas, a picture, and some mod podge.
For your picture you can use an enlarged copy or an enlarged photograph.
The method is slightly different depending on what you choose.
I chose to use an enlarged copy on regular printer paper and do a reverse transfer.
I will start by telling you; I chose to just do a print off at home & tape four pieces of paper together. 
If you're going for a more 'polished' look, you may want to take your picture to a copy place and have them enlarge it for you to avoid any lines or creases.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Discarded Fireplace Finds A New Home

As I was driving home one day I noticed a guy moving a large fireplace to the curb. It looked rather heavy but in otherwise great condition. It wasn't the prettiest fireplace in town, but the potential was absolutely there.
I pulled the truck over and asked him if there was anything wrong with it. He said there wasn't, but it was his fathers and they were cleaning out & updating the house. He was glad to help me load it into the truck and I was on my way home whistling and making plans for my new 'fauxplace.'

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cake Pop Holder

Hello, hello bloggy friends!
I have a super quick & easy project for you today. A massively simple, anyone can do it, cake pop holder. Are you excited?! Me too. 
After making the Yoda cake pops for my nephews Star Wars birthday party, I was stumped for a hot little minute as to how I would display them, let alone transport them. 
I knew it wasn't going to be rocket science since all I needed to do was stand them up, but I needed it to be cute. When I say needed I'm so not kidding. I'm kind of known as the party queen in my family.I'm all about the theme parties, pretty labels, color coordinating food & drink to match the occasion or holiday...etc. You get the idea. So it was pretty much a need. Since this was a little boy's Star Wars party I had to knock off most of the cute ideas I already had in my arsenal for display options & hit the drawing board. 
We needed sleek, black, and simple.
After much thought and a wee bit of rummaging through the house....garage....basement....studio......and possibly even the boy's rooms, although that can't be verified, I came up with an obvious solution.
Ta Dah!
Scrap wood!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Yoda Cake Pops

 I actually tried my hand at the adorable cake pops I've seen floating all over blog land. I will never measure up to the perfection that is Bakerella, but they were yummy annnnd stayed on the stick. A girl really can't ask for much more than that. 
 Since I was making these for my nephews Star Wars birthday party, I went with some 'Yoda' pops.
There are so many wonderful tutorials out there that I ended up using a mix of several of them. I was surprised at how simple it really was....considering me and putting things on sticks have never, in any way, ever, worked out in the past. Word to the wise here...not a good idea to make marshmallow pops with colored sugar crystals when it's 100 in the shade. Common sense? Probably. Was I too busy to check on them? Yep. Sad story for another day. 
I baked a regular boxed vanilla cake mix and let it cool. I'm crafty...I'm not Martha Stewart and choose to leave the real baking to those that know how. For me, anything in a box works great.
Once it cooled enough to handle, I crumbled it up in a mixing bowl & added a little over half a can of french vanilla frosting. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easy DIY Star Wars Birthday Gifts- Episode III:Light Up Vader Mask, Lamp, Trash Can, & Door Hanger

Hey, hey, hey all!
Are you ready for me to finish up my Star Wars room decor gifts yet? All right, well this is the last of it...until I show you the Yoda cake pops & cake pop holder. *Giggle.
We won't count that as a gift though because it doesn't make for good room decor. 
These are some pretty simple projects that don't need a whole lot of explaining so I'll just give you the quick how-to rundown.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy DIY Star Wars Birthday Gifts-Episode II: The Art Board & Poster

Hey all! I posted yesterday about some Star Wars signs I made my nephew for his birthday & today I'm going to show you a couple other items I made for his new room.
I also made him an art board where he could display his drawings or school papers or whatever he wanted. 
Then I also mounted a poster to some MDF board to make an XL piece of wall art. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Easy DIY Star Wars Birthday Gifts-Episode I: The Signs

Hello peeps!
My nephew happens to have a current obsession with anything Star Wars & made sure to let me know when I asked what he wanted for his most recent birthday. 
He was turning 8 so he's at the age where he's beginning to pay more attention to his room & how it looks. Since my brother & his wife had just purchased a new home this was the perfect time for me to whip up some super awesome Star Wars room decor for him. 
Today I'll show you the signs I made for his door & wall.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Run Down Dietary Cart Goes Glam

I gave you all a peek at a cart I received from a friend last month that was awaiting a makeover. I had debated on what to do with it & decided I might just spray paint it & call it good. Mr. Rendition informed me that would not really be my style & after some thought, I realized he might be right. 
If this cart was going to be my work station when I was away from my studio, it needed to have a little sassitude.
Poor thing

Friday, February 17, 2012

A "New" Polka Dotted Shop Vac For My Studio

Hello, hello wonderful readers! I thought I'd share with you a silly little project I just finished up for my studio.
Anybody who has known me for any length of time knows I can't leave anything alone if it can be improved upon. I use that term loosely I guess because my idea of 'improved upon' may not be what someone else thinks is better.
 Either way, I spend a lot of time in my studio or in my garage which also entails a lot of time spent creating. My idea of creating includes a lot of furniture makeovers. Anyone one of you who has done even one refinish job knows sanding is messy work. You sand to begin with, you sand between every coat of paint, & you give the piece a final sanding. That's a lot of dust flying around. 
I hate washing it all off by hand because it's a lot and no matter how many times I wipe it or wash it, I still feel like there's a residue. 
I have a tiny little shop vac that is perfect for this type of work. It's small, light weight, & easy to move around, under, over, in, or on a piece of furniture.
I said it's perfect, I didn't say it was cute. 
In order to fix that problem I did what any glam conscious DIY diva would do & I painted it!
Yep, I painted my shop vac.
 Here it is in all it's dusty, well-loved glory.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

French Graphic Side Table

Just a quick post  showing off a cute little table that got a makeover. I'm in up to my eyeballs right now with furniture rehabs, which if you know me at all, makes for one happy girl. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the wheeled cart I showed you all a couple of weeks back, I'm in the painting phase of a beautiful coffee table I just bought, I'm adding the final wax on the armoire for our master bedroom, & about four other projects are lying around her in some stage of completion.  
So next week is going to be a busy one making sure I get everything posted. Yea!! There's nothing I like more than a freshly finished project to put a hippy in my skippy.
I've had this little table for yeeaarrss. I won't tell you exactly how many because it might age me. *wink*
It's nothing fancy, but it has served us well in many areas of our home. It's been an entry table for keys, a bedside table, a hallway table for miscellaneous decor, a side table for the couch in the living room, and even put in storage for a bit. Poor little thing has been through it all. 
I decided to give it a long overdue paint job to get rid of the blonde/orange/outdated color. It's funny how a piece of furniture can go overlooked for so long in your home. It just becomes a part of the scenery until one day you notice it sitting there in all it's ugliness awkwardness & you realize you have failed it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dresser Becomes A TV Stand

Here is another project that was finished this fall I thought I'd share with you while I muddle through my blogger maze. 
I found this piece, along with the headboard I showed you awhile back, on our local Craigslist for free.
The minute I saw the little picture next to the post I knew I wanted it annnnddd exactly what I wanted to do with it. There's only so much you can tell from a picture though, so when I arrived to pick it up I was happy to see it was constructed of solid wood & was in excellent condition.
The very top had a super thin layer of some vinyl type material covered in extremely heavy lacquer. nothing a little sanding & primer couldn't take care of.
The bonus was it came with a mirror that wasn't even mentioned in the ad. She had forgotten all about the mirror and it was a beauty. The mirror is another post though as I have some pretty spectacular plans for it. 
 Of course I got excited to get started & didn't take any before pictures. I wasn't blogging then so I wasn't in the habit of documenting each project.
I sanded the top with 60 grit & worked my way up to 220. The top had such a heavy coating of lacquer on it I needed to break it down a bit further than the rest of the dresser. {For that I only used 150 & 200.}

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chandelier Makeover ~ ~ Twice!

Here is another project I finished up this fall, but I'm sharing it since I'm a bit preoccupied trying to get my blog all figured out. This project actually went through 2 makeovers. 
If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed I have a few loves in life besides my family & one of those happens to be chandeliers.
 I want one in every room, on the front porch wouldn't be bad either. They can be simple chic little numbers with a few sleek arms & a smooth finish or elaborate pieces of art divine enough to make any home feel like an estate.
 Either way, I love them!
I happen to own a couple of them so it was time for a makeover. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Checkers Table From an Old End Table

I'm going to be swamped over the weekend finishing up some projects & finalizing some work on the ol' blog here so I'm going to share a couple of furniture pieces I finished up in the last few months. I know they're not new-new, but they're pretty new so I think they're still worth sharing.
Have you ever had an idea you were so pumped up about you could hardly sit still? I did. My epiphany came over me this summer & I was sure was an original idea because I had absolutely never seen one before. I was going to make a checkers table! I had an old end table lying around in the basement that was perfect for it. It was heavy & solid & the perfect size for 2 people to sit around. 
As you can see, it had been used as a spray paint table

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun Soda Addiction Keychain & Coasters

Hello, hello my dear bloggy friends.  I'm back, as promised, with a cute little gift idea I'm whipped up for my friend for her birthday. 
 She, like many of us, gets through the day on a decent supply of caffeine.
She sticks with unleaded (read diet) while I'm still pumping in the diesel (read NOT diet) so I was either going to have to go grab a 6-pack of her flavor or steal me some cans. 
Luckily, she brings a couple cans with her when she comes over so she made stealing cans a breeze.
I saw a couple of ideas out in blog land some time ago & bookmarked it so I could try it some day. 
Well, that day was today. Technically yesterday but whose keeping track?
Soda can key chain & coasters

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh Deer! {Head}

I will be starting on our bedroom in a couple of weeks so along with picking out colors and fabric, I have been keeping an eye out for some new decor.
These faux animal heads are everywhere you look these days.
You can hardly open a catalog without spying them.

Like anything else in decor trends, you'll have some you like and some.....well, not so much.
 Either way, there was no way I could justify paying the price most places were asking.
It's a paper mache head for goodness sake. 
Buuuuuuuut, since I had already decided my life will not be complete without one of these faux deer heads on my wall; I needed to get creative.
I improvised, I adapted, and I conquered. 
See this little guy?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Organizing My Leftover Paint

Today is a happy, happy birthday to a very close friend of mine who is actually my partner in DIY crime much of the time. Happy Birthday Amber and just know, you may not read my blog tomorrow or Thursday. It's both days because I'm just not sure when I'll be posting my super secret project yet. I'm serious, no peeking.
 Since I've been on such an organizing kick lately, I thought I'd share a quick little project I did to organize my leftover paint. I have enough paint in my home to supply a small store, and I'm always shopping for more. Some women love shoes, some love purses...I love paint, okay paint & power tools. Yes, I might have a slight infatuation with all things power.....and tools. Stick around  long enough and I'm sure you'll hear all about it.
I was reading my blog role some time back and came upon one of the greatest ideas I'd ever seen for organizing paint leftovers. I love paint and I love labeling anything I can get my hands on so this was going to be the perfect solution for me!
Okay so this is not my paint hoard, but you can bet it looked pretty close to this. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dresser Details and Harlequin Pattern How-To

All right, so I've already shown off the hot little pink dresser that I just finished. Now it's time to discuss the process/techniques and some troubles I ran into that hopefully you all can avoid on your projects.

Above is her before-before shot, along with her first makeover, and finally her final makeover. Even though she was pretty in her Ocean Blue outfit; she was meant for other things. Even as I was painting her blue, I wasn't in love and knew she would need a new paint job. She only stayed blue for about 3 months until we got a new piece for the tv and then she sat patiently awaiting another makeover. I think she sat & waited for about 4 months.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dresser Reveal!!

I'm finally finished!! 
Can you hear the angels singing? 
This has been one of the longest running projects in the Road's history, but I have to admit it was a blast. This little piece has had a long journey, but I think she is exactly where she needs to be....finished, sassy, and beautiful. Here's a little before & after so I don't keep you in suspense.
Before & After
Since this project went a few different directions  hit a few snags; I'm just going to show you the dresser and write a separate post for those who are interested in the 'how-to' of things. I learned a few new things during this makeover so if my hair pulling moments can help someone else avoid the pit falls, great!

Friday, February 3, 2012

From 'Blah' to Chic 'Chandelier' Table

As I finish up the remaining few projects in my studio I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite makeovers to date. I finished this piece up a couple of months ago but have not been able to part with it yet. Maybe I can make room for her in the house here?  If I kept every piece I fell in love with, well I'd live in a furniture store. It's the sad truth, but anyone who refinishes furniture knows the feeling.
Before & After
This round coffee table was given to me by a friend and sat in our basement until I found the inspiration needed to make her beautiful. I've been loving the light airy feeling of blue lately and as I was working on our dining room chandelier one evening, decided to form the two together to make a truly unique table.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A suitcase Makeover

Suitcases are everywhere. 
 There's chairs, pet beds, side tables, tables, you name it you can probably find it. I love it. 
There's nothing better than taking such a normal, almost boring item and jazzing it up for an entirely new purpose. I have four of them but I think I'd like to get just a couple more. I'm currently using three of them in my studio for storage, which I will be sharing soon. They look adorable stacked up under my "sewing" table. Understand, sewing in this sentence is used very loosely.  It's barely a table..yet, & I don't do a whole lot of sewing...yet. I dream big I tell ya. If I can teach myself how to sew, a massive obstacle will have been conquered. Angels will sing. Harps will play. And I'm not making any concrete promises here, but there's a good chance it could make the international news. I'm just sayin'.

I went ahead and gave a couple of mine a make over. I will apologize in advance because I can't find the before pictures I took of them. They're somewhere among the 4,ooo plus pictures I have on my computer but so far I cannot find them. You'll just have to use your imagination here. I got them at a garage sale from the original owners for $5 a piece. A pretty good score considering they were in mint condition. They're even monogrammed. Anyway, two were brown and one was a cream color. For a split second I considered keeping them as is since they weren't too bad, but are you kidding me? I can never leave anything just "as-is."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mason Jar Inspiration

Have I mentioned how much I love Ball jars? I love their simplicity, their usefulness, & the way they have with stood time. In the spring & summer when I use them to hold fresh flowers, I love the way the sun catches them, especially the blue ones. They remind me of growing up and all the canning my grandmother would do.  Mason jars are many things to many people, but lets face it, their versatility keeps them coming back again and again. I thought I'd take a minute today and showcase some of the great ideas I've seen across blog land that high lights their simplistic beauty.
This first one is one of my favorites. You really can't go wrong with blue mason jars and silver chain. The fact that it's a light only makes it that much better.
Elisa Mclaughlin Designs

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