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Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Little Blue" The Details

Hello, hello!
Now that you've seen 'little blue' I thought I'd give you a run through on how he came to be.
I picked up this dresser last fall & it had been sitting in the shop since then. It had one of those fake vinyl-like tops so I wasn't too pumped about jumpin' on it. 
I had a request this May to do a replica of the pink harlequin dresser I did last winter. This sweet girl had purchased that along with a few other pieces of mine & wanted a blue one for her son. 
We agreed to use this 6-drawer beast  & I began the makeover.

I Was Featured!!

Okay, so I totally wanted to use all caps up there in the title but I restrained myself. 
I'm sorry, I tried so hard to contain myself & act like an adult, but come on, can you blame a girl for being happy?!?!?!
I was one of the newbie spotlights from Debbiedoo's newbie party.
Debbie (another Debbie) from Refresh Restyle chose me as her pick for my yellow sofa table makeover.

See, Debbie (from Debbiedoo's) has teamed up with some other talented blogger gals to help her pick some spotlight choices each week. So you know what that means right?!?! 
More spotlights!!!
The other ladies helping her are Shannon from Fox Hallow Cottage
Did you get all that?! Hehehe

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Neck Deep in a Pile of Projects

Oh....my....goodness...it's HOT. Sizzling to be exact. 
Moving is hard, breathing is even harder & painting; well if you're not doing it in air conditioning you might as well forget it.
Here in the heart of the Midwest we are in the thick of it right now.  
We're used to humidity, it's just the Iowa way, but this is even excessive for us. 
It's going to top out at over 100 today & the air conditioners are humming away.
Since I have to focus on indoor stuff for now, I thought I'd catch you up on what's been going on & what's coming.

I have been hoppin' this week with my hands in a few different things everything. 
We're just getting to know each other, but I will tell you I usually always have several projects going at once. It started innocently enough, with me just wanting to make the most of my downtime during a project. 
While paint dried or glue set up, I would grab the next project on the list & get to work. 
Like so many other things where creativity & myself  are paired up......it snowballed. 

Next thing you know, I had 3 projects going at once.......then 4.....then, well you get the idea. 
Today it is completely normal for me to have my hands in upwards of 5-6 makeovers at a time. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pegboard Jewelry Board

I'm throwing a second post out there in one day! Woo Hoo! Well, I didn't post yesterday since I was neck deep in paint, sweat, & sanding. That's a pretty picture huh?
pink, shimmery, vinyl deliciousness
This little project was completed just a couple of weeks ago for a sweet girlfriend of mine. I met her during one of her barn sales & as it turned out, we both had our booths at the same store! Truly a small world. 
We hit it off instantly & I knew there was going to be a lot of projects, ideas,  laughs, & maybe even a few glasses of wine shared between the two of us as we got to know each other better.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lovely Yellow Sofa Table

Whew!! Holy cow it's been a busy weekend around here. I'm still working on my shop & actually gaining some hard won ground.Since I'm still neck deep in my to-do list I'm going to share a project I completed last month.
 I have been really feeling all the bright, cheerful colors that summer brings & have been just itching to splash some cheerful yellow on something. I just needed to find the right piece & that was proving harder than I thought. 
It finally came along when I found this adorable sofa table, are you ready for it? On the side of the road! Seriously, would you just look at the legs on this little beauty. Nice. She was in pretty rough shape though and needed some serious TLC.
Sorry for the horrible quality of the pictures, all I had on me was my phone. But I knew the minute I saw it, this little pretty was going to be a bright shade of sunshine. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Subway Art 'Family' Table

I have been lovin' all the subway art going on around blog land lately! There's so much you can do to personalize it & make it your own. It was time to put my own spin on it!

I recently acquired a nice table set off CL from a family that was moving & couldn't take it with them. It's a small round table that seats 4 without the leaf & 6 with. Of course, in my rush to get started on it, I did not get any before shots of it. 
This is a horrible picture, but it's the only one that kind of shows it's original state. 
When I got this table, I was headed in a shabby white direction, but as I started cleaning it down that changed.

Time Flies when you're painting-sawing-sanding-building-organizing-cleaning-growing.....

Hard to believe it's been over 3 months since I've posted! I'm not exactly sure where the time has gone. It seems like it was just January, then the kids were out of school, now I've blinked & we're looking down the barrel of July. I can't tell you how many times I've asked someone the date only to stand there slack jawed, in utter amazement.No, I don't drink "mommy-drinks" & I don't live in a cave. (Okay the cave thing may have a ring of truth to it as I bury myself in the shop sometimes only to come out & find the sun has set.) I really can't account for the speed at which time is flying. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. My Mother always said; the older you get, the faster time flies by. Okay, now I feel old, let's not go there. That's an entirely different blog post.

My intentions are good though, I pinky swear. As I'm painting or sawing or sanding, my little head is going over what I'll tell you about the project or what images to include & how to explain my latest (mis)adventure. I may even say some things out loud to see how they sound or if it paints a clear enough picture. (Did you catch that play on words there? *giggling * yes, I may need to get out more.....or just get away from the chemicals) I stop & take fifty-eleven-hundred pictures just trying to get the perfect shot, and I've been known to jot notes down in some pretty crazy places as my memory has decided it no longer likes me. See? You are never far from my mind. That doesn't help you at all I realize this, buuuuuuut how does the old saying go? You're here in spirit. Not  buying it huh? I don't blame you. 

Well, as I hang my head in shame at having abandoned my creative corner of the net and all 9 followers; there is a silver lining. I. Have. Been. Busy! There will be projects flying around here as I play catch up. I may even sedate my guilt slightly by throwing a few double post days out there. That's right, it's like a double coupon day only better! It's the meat we all want, that's why we read these blogs. We want to learn, to create, to inspire & be inspired. It's painting season after all, & we need to roll up our sleeves & get to work! 

To get you caught up on what's been going on around the Road; I've built a 10x12 storage shed, a XL box from reclaimed wood for old doors & windows, emptied/cleaned/organized the shop (that you previously couldn't even walk in), painted the outside of said shop & built pallet shutters, have designed & begun painting an X large sign for the business, finished roughly 20 large pieces & too-many-to-count small items, opened a booth at a store, after that went amazingly well, I decided to open a booth closer to my home, have begun emptying our front porch to give it a complete makeover, worked on finishing up our kitchen & my inside studio.....are you bored yet? The list could go on forever,and if it continues, I will need that 'mommy-drink' to calm me down & nobody wants a piece painted by a stressed out 'mommy-drink' drinking mommy. *Giggling again. I can't help it. I really do need to get out more.*

So let's just say all is forgiven & skip off into the sunset holding hands m'kay? Perfect! 
Since I'm feeling the love right now (and it's pushing 100 degrees outside) but mostly because I'm feeling the love, what do you say we just jump on over to another post about one of the previously stated awesome projects?! 
See you there!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

French Poem Coffee Table

I dream in script. If I had it my way, I would have beautiful, scrawling script on everything in my home. There's just something so elegant & graceful about it.
 I've also been looking for more of a statement piece for my living room, something along the lines of a coffee table. I had been keeping an eye for for just the right piece for months when I stumbled across it by accident.
 I spotted this little gem last December. Okay, so 'little' is completely inappropriate as this beast is solid, chunky & heavy.

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