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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water Balloon Flip Flops

I mentioned my niece was down here for a couple of weeks hanging out with us.
She is such a joy to have around.
We ended up making some pretty cool water balloon flip flops while she was here that turned out so cute I had to share them with you guys.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pallet Table #2 'Beach' themed

Okay, so you've already seen my first pallet table I made a few days ago. I went ahead and made 2 tables at once, but just finished them differently. 
You can go here to read the basics on how I actually built the table, this post is just going to focus on the finish.
Once it was sanded, repaired, & prepped I sprayed it down with a water based stain I got from the oops section. 
Okay so let's just say it was really pretty in the can okay? We've all been there right?!
{I used the exact same method for applying the stain as I did on the walnut table.} 
It was called 'driftwood' which was exactly what I was looking for, but once I applied it, I was kind of shocked at how dark it was. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Name is Daniels, Jack Daniels {Beverage Cart}

I have been on the lookout for a couple of old wooden beverage carts to makeover, but haven't had much luck. A couple of months ago I found an old metal one, but wasn't really sure what exactly I wanted to do with it. So it sat for many weeks because it refused to speak to me. 
I was seeing several wooden carts in blog land made over in such sophisticated, pretty ways. Some very French & chic, some were soft & sweet, and others were completely bold, bright, & cheerful. 
They were all cool & I took time to consider each idea & how I could put my spin on it.
Nothing feeling right for my sad little metal cart though. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pallet Coffee Table & A Great Staining Tip

We've all seen the amazing creations that have come from a simple pallet.
Pallet projects are littering the blog world & I have to say, some of them are downright a-maz-ing. 
I personally LOVE the idea of taking something once perceived as 'trash' as making it into something useful and/or beautiful.

I've made several pallet projects, but had been saving these 4 pallets back for a specific project since they were so well built, clean, & solid.

One thing I will mention about working with pallets is making sure you know how they've been treated. 
 Pallets are treated in many ways and sometimes using many chemicals. 
I have not yet familiarized myself with all the chemical treatments yet, but the safest bet is to stick with pallets that have been heat treated.
You will be able to find a code on just about every pallet you pick up. 
You can see on this one it clearly says 'HT' for heat treated. I know many people will tell you you only need to worry about this if you're using it in your home, but in my opinion it's just safest to stick to heat treated for any use. 

I treated my pallets with a mixture of vinegar & lemon juice to safely kill any insects that might be hidden in them even though they were thoroughly cleaned & inspected. 
It's always better to just be safe. You don't want all your hard work going to waste. 
 Now, before I go any further, I will tell you this post is just a it longer than most. 
I just wanted to make sure I was as detailed as possible in case anyone wants to duplicate this themselves. 
You can see the HT code on this pallet here
I laid them all out & gave them a thorough cleaning & sanding.

Once they were sanded down I just took the nozzle attachment for the air compressor & blew off all the dust.
I went about replacing any boards that needed it, fixing any loose nails, took care of big splinters with some small tack nails, & just generally gave it the once over.
I decided against filling in the spaces since they weren't very big to begin with & I kind of liked the way it looked. 
Once it was all prepped & ready I took some measurements & went looking for some wood.
I had an outline of what I wanted my table to look like, but nothing concrete yet so I was more or less winging it.
I knew I wanted my table to be 2-tier so I needed to find something to attach the top pallet to the bottom with enough space in between for some baskets or other container.
I came away with a 4x4.
I figured it was solid enough & after holding it up next to the 'table' it looked good too.
When deciding how long to cut each 4x4 piece I recommend you find someone to help you hold the top pallet up while you hold the tape measure or scrap piece of wood between the 2.
My 1st decision would have had the table being way too low for comfort.
I can't remember for sure how long I cut each one, but I think it was roughly 16". I can check my measurements for sure if anyone is interested in knowing.
Once all my pieces were cut I went about staining the pallets. I wanted this one to be a dark walnut, but I was contemplating how to apply the stain.
Since I had left the slats open in the pallets, there would be sooooo many more little spaces to get into with the stain & I had no desire to sit for hours & get into all of them.
Of course, I devised a way around that!
I picked up a couple of 99 cent spray bottles at the store & used those.
I just filled the bottle with the stain & went about spraying it on. 

It may look slightly splotchy as you're spraying it, but if you just take your time & make sure to get it everywhere it evens out beautifully!
I let the pallets dry for 24 hours to make sure they were good & dry.I used Krylon clear gloss spray to seal everything, but after 3 coats I wasn't getting the finish I wanted. 
I gave everything a light sanding & gave it 2 coats of polyurethane and let it dry another 24 hours.
Time to assemble.
I decided the best way to attach the 4x4's was to the bottom piece first. You can't tell from the pictures, but the bottom pallet was so much heavier than the top, which is exactly why I made it the bottom of the table. 
I used a large clamp to hold it in place while I drilled pilot holes.
The pallets were up on saw horses so I just sat underneath & drilled up from the bottom. It wasn't the most comfortable, but it got the job done.
Notice from the picture how I placed the 4x4 in about an inch in from the edges? 
I'll explain that in a minute, but it's important!
Here's an idea of how I drilled them.
Once I had all the 4x4's attached to the bottom pallet, I set the top on to see how it would look. 
HUGE problem here.....
I didn't originally drill the 4x4's to sit in about an inch and the top wouldn't go on. I should have taken a picture, but of course was too mad to grab the camera.
It was well over 95 degrees outside & the thought of re-drilling 16 holes had me burning.
I  managed to get them all drilled & this time the top pallet fit like a glove.
I drilled 2 holes through the top pallet to secure it since the bottom was rock-tight & I didn't want to clutter the table top with screws.
I flipped the table over to attach the casters only to realize they were just a hair too big for where I wanted to mount them. 
I stepped back & realized I would need to cut, sand & stain another 2 pieces of wood for the bottom. 
I just attached this board to the bottom with 4 2" wood screws. 
Once it was drilled in place, I attached the casters to it & screwed them in with 4 screws each.
The table got a good wipe down & it was finished. 
You can see here why the 4x4's needed to be in an inch from the edges.

I knew exactly what I was going to do with this table before I even started.
There is a local business close to my home where I was told I could use the pallets they were done with. 
Ummm, are you kidding me?! Yes please & thank you!
Having a source of good, clean pallets so close to home is more than I could ask for. 
I wanted to show my appreciation & thank them by leaving them a nice table for whatever purpose their hearts desired.
I just attached a business card to it with a little thank you on the back & left it outside their front door while they were closed for lunch.
I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!
I'll be back shortly to show you how I finished the 2nd pallet table. 
Until next time. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chevrolet Drafting Table

Both my sons love to draw. When the mood strikes, they can sit for hours & create some of the most beautiful graphite sketches I've ever seen. 
I have no idea where they get this ability since my level of drawing extends as far as stick figures & a sun with a smiley face. 
Anyway, after making over a drafting table for my brother, my youngest son mentioned he might like a drafting table as well if I came across another one.
I just happened to come across one at GW a couple of months ago. It wasn't the nicest one I'd ever seen, but it was solid & held potential.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Features to Catch Up On!

While I have been immersed in the world of sawing, sanding, painting, & sweating...lots & lots of sweating....I have backed up a bit on sharing some features with you.

I've been so excited to see some of the projects I've linked up being featured!
Nothing feels better than knowing your hard work & creativity are appreciated or noticed by others.
Being featured is just like getting a virtual high-five.

My Subway Art 'Family' Table was featured by Beth over at Home Stories of A2Z. 

Her 'Tutes & Tips' linky parties on Mondays are amazing & always full of inspiration & ideas.
Beth was one of the very first blogs I started reading when I first discovered blogs & has remained a favorite of mine. Her 'Make a Desk out of A Coffee Table' was the very first post I read & I was hooked! 
Thank you for the feature Beth!
That very same subway table was also featured over at Kammy's Korner! 
I just found Kammy's blog last year when I read her 'My Freebie Desk Before & After' post.
 She does some pretty fun makeovers & is so not afraid of color!
Check out her craft room makeover to see how beautifully she incorporates bold color into her room seamlessly.
Thank you so much for featuring my work Kami!

I was also ecstatic to see my yellow sofa table featured on 'Roadkill Rescue.' 

Beckie totally gets that there a fewer things in life better than an awesome trash to treasure project. This site is literally overflowing with curbside finds that were destined for the landfill before some savvy soul saved them & transformed them into a thing of beauty. I check this blog daily! I'm never disappointed either!
I still love the way she used crutches....yes, real crutches for a floor lamp!
I know right?! 
Thanks for the feature Beckie!

I have completed over 12 projects in the last 3 weeks & am writing posts for them as we speak.
Sometimes I get on such a roll with projects, I forget it's been a while since I've actually posted about them.
I'm working on getting a solid schedule down since my days...& even nights have become so much busier lately. I'm a perpetual list maker {if it's not on a list it's probably not getting done} so I'm hoping having a schedule in print will help me remember to stop & do some writing along the way. *Giggles.

I'm off to do some sanding.
Until next time!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old Cafeteria Tray Coffee Sign

Happy day everyone!
I've got just a quick little project to share with you. 
If you're new here & don't know...I LOVE making signs almost as much as I love painting. 
Given the chance, I'll make a sign on just about anything.
Boxes, pallet planks, scrap/barn wood, furniture, walls, mirrors, etc.
This time I happened to find an old cafeteria tray at GWstore. 
A very hefty, solid, old cafeteria tray.
I was initially going to use this as a  food dish holder for my cat because he tends to be a very sloppy eater.
I am always & forever cleaning up bits & pieces of kitty food & it drives me insane.

After having it in my stash for a few days months, I had an even better idea.
An old cafteria tray would be perfect-o for a vintage diner style sign. 

I set out to design it & came up with a fictitious coffee company in a deep red & white color combo.
There's just something about red & white that makes me think of old time diners.
The best part of making your own signs for me is making up the names, companies, logos etc. 
I love the freedom & creativity of it.
I primed it with my Krylon primer in grey. I use a grey undercoat or primer every single time I paint with red. It's really the only way to get the true red you're after without doing forty-eleven-hundred coats of paint.
Then I gave it a coat of Krylon Red Pepper.
This red is absolutely awesome! If you're looking for a true bright, cheery red, this is it!
While that dried, I created my graphic in Photoshop CS5.
I printed it out on using my poster setting on my printer.
 It printed in 4 pages, then I just trimmed it, lined it up, & taped it all together.

I gave the tray a light sanding with a fine grit sanding block.
I wanted to make sure I gave the next layer some teeth to grab onto.
Once it was all wiped down again I just placed the graphic where I wanted it & taped it to the tray.
I added the slogan separately since I couldn't decide what I wanted it to say. 
I used my sign transfer technique to  apply the design to the tray & then outlined it with my Elmers paint pen.
Since I was transferring my graphic to a rich color, I used chalk on the back of the paper instead of lead.
Everything transferred beautifully!

I used a small brush & gave everything a coat of white paint.
You can see in the picture above that the 1st coat was still pretty see-through.
Since I was doing white on top of a deeper color, I ended up doing 3 coats total with little touch-up of a 4th coat where needed.
All painted & ready for some distressing & glaze
 I wanted it to look like it had been around for a while so I took some 150 grit sandpaper to it & just roughed it up.
Then I glazed over everything with some deep cocoa paint mixed with water.

I let everything dry for a day then coated it with 2 coats of Krylon satin clear coat.

That's it.
A simple, easy way to add some fun to any room.
You'd be surprised what you could use to make a sign.
Once you get used to looking at regular objects in a new light, you'll see items everywhere!
I'm off to wax a drafting table.
Until next time!

This is NOT a sponsored post. 
I have not been compensated in any way  from Krylon or Elmer's for mentioning them or using their products. 
 I explain exactly what I use, like and trust in order for you to know what works for me & how I have created this look.
All opinions & thoughts on the products are strictly mine.

Monday, July 9, 2012

French Graphic Bedside Tables

I know I promised you the finished armoire I'd been working on, buuuuuuut it's busy throwing a hissy fit right now so it'll be another day.
I do have another project to share with you though. 
I finished this during my 3 month disappearance hiatus from my blog.
 I nabbed a couple of bedside tables for pretty cheap early in the spring & decided to make them over for my bedroom.
My color scheme was supposed to be yellow, grey, & white with small touches of black & maybe a few chrome or silver accessories.
But I like soft colors for my bedroom. Always have.
I forged onward regardless.
I was sure I was ready for change. I have always loved color in every other area of my home.
Maybe it was time to switch it up a little.

I even picked out the perfect yellow & painted them.
With the help of my adorable neice.
Who happens to be a natural with the paint roller.
Painting with Halea

Remember when I told you I was completely incapable of working on just one project at a time? There's  the french script coffee table I was finishing up during that time as well as a drafting table in my studio.
All painted but just not feelin' em'
I thought I loved them when they were all painted, I tried to love them....but after looking at them for about a week, I realized it just wasn't going to work for me.
Do- over time.
I painted them again in a soft white & used a french image from the Graphics Fairy.
I transferred the image to the tables using my usual method and filled them in.
I also used a small stencil in all the corners to add a little bit more since the graphic I chose was very simple & clean.
They got lightly distressed, but they were missing something.
They looked a little plain in all their boxy.....ness?
There were no pretty curves or delicate design elements to dress em' up.
 So, I went ahead &  added some.
A little drywall compound & stencil on the drawer fronts did the trick.
I just placed the stencil where I wanted it, taped it down, & gave it 2 light layers of wall compound.
I was temporarily out of painters tape so I used scoth tape & just barely stuck it down. Worked perfectly.

I lightly sanded it when it dried, but just enough to remove any raised bumps or nubbins.
I used some Minwax dark walnut stain to glaze it all over for a little aging.
It got a whole lot bit darker than I wanted it to, but I also kind of liked it.
 Since I wasn't dead sure; I set it in a place I would see it frequently & just thought about it for a few days.
Lookin' pretty dark for the light, airy feel I was aiming for
After a few days I decided they were, in fact, a bit too dark for me.
The best remedy for this was a simple whitewash.
I watered down some of the same white paint I painted the tables with & just brushed it all over.
I wiped a lot of it off with a slightly damp rag until I acheived the look I was after. 
They were finished off with 3 coats of Johnsons Paste Wax & buffed to a nice shine.

As I look at these photos I realize I took them before I put the correct hardware on.
 I wanted to get pictures taken with some outdoor lighting because it was supposed to rain for several days in a row, but I didn't have the knobs I wanted yet.
I just threw on what I had lying around so I could beat the storms....and I did.
I'll try to get a couple pictures of the knobs I have on there now so you can see how much better they look.
All right, I'm off to finish my continuing saga of trying to figure out where my Gmail account went.
If you have e-mailed me & haven't heard back from me yet, I'm working on it, they're working on it, I've even got my tech guy (AKA my big brother) working on it.
I can still be reached via my Facebook page.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

America The Beautiful~ A Linen Flag & 4 Decor

As promised, here are the little patriotic projects I made. I do realize they are a day late, but they were just too darn cute not to share. 

I have been lightening up the decor in out living/dining room as of late & wanted my 4th of July decor to blend in a bit more. Without altering the colors too much, I broke out some lighter linen fabric & set out to design a flag. 


I finally got my net up & working properly again! Yea!!
 You just don't realize how heavily you depend on it until it's down. You also don't realize how bad you are at backing things up until it's gone either.

Imagine my surprise, excitement, & downright shock as I found out I was nominated for some awards! 
Talk about getting your computer back with a bang huh?!?!

 The extremely talented Kristin from 'A Vintage Fairy' nominated me for a Leibster award! Seriously?!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Everyone!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

I hope you've all had a day filled with family, friends, laughter, great food, amazing fireworks, & even a s'more or two. 

Since I've been having some computer/Gmail issues, I've been working on getting my shop & storage spaces organized.
 I finally feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
I can see the floor!! 
I may or may not have danced around on said floor for a moment out of pure happiness.
It really is the small victories people, it really is.

I even had a couple of small projects for the 4th I finished, but.....not in time to get pretty pictures of them before the sun set tonight. 
I'll show them to you tomorrow...a day late, but they still deserve their debut. 
I've also just finished the armoire I mentioned in an earlier post so she'll be ready to show off too.

Just wanted to jump on & say "heeeeey!"
I'm going to go back to fighting my laptop & figuring out where my Gmail account disappeared to. 
Make sure to check back tomorrow for my little patriotic projects & the finished armoire. 

Have a wonderful night all!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Little Blue" (Dresser)

Hello peeps, I hope the beginning of a brand new week finds you all well rested & ready to rock it. I mentioned a custom dresser I did for a client & now it's time to show it off to you. 
I think I'll do this the same way I did my pink dresser. I'll give you the prettie's then write another post on the how-to for those that are interested. 
I decided back in May to put some of my items in an antique store. Well antique/flea market type/vendor spaces kind of store. There was a little something for everyone I guess you could say. The very next day after setting up my space, I got a call from the store owner telling me a customer came in & purchased my pink harlequin dresser, blue stand, a few other items & was also interested in getting a blue dresser to match the pink one. She was getting it for her son & wanted it done in the blue to match the stand.
I started work on 'the beast' to turn it into more of a beauty.
Here's how it turned out.

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