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Monday, February 25, 2013

Metal Cart Makes a Champagne Splash

Metal carts, tea carts, beverage carts....whatever you want to call them, I <3 them.
Seriously, where else can you find an adorable piece of furniture that's so easy to move around on its little wheels & offers so many versatile uses?
 Ummmm, probably nowhere.
So when I find them, I run like a crazy woman & grab those puppies  quickly purchase them right up .
This poor little guy had been left for dead when I stumbled upon him.
No, seriously....I found him cast away under a heap of other no longer loved items in the very back corner of a flea market. 
I instantly fell in love with all his rusty, crooked glory & dug him out.
This was AFTER he got a thorough bath

I got him all scrubbed up & then had to remove what looked to be 50 year old contact paper.
Not an easy task, but an exacto scrubber blade & some windex did the job.
I gave the rust spots an extra good scrubbing with steel wool pads & then gave them a light sanding with 150 grit sandpaper to remove not only the loose debris, but to smooth out the finish in those spots. 
Obviously with all the rust I needed to give it a good coat of metal primer to prevent any future bleed through.
Normally I am a Krylon girl all the way, but for instances of rust I stick to Rustoleum clean metal primer.
This stuff is some bad mama jamma.
I have never once had any issues with even the worst rust coming through.
from a different project but you get the idea.
After the primer coat, I gave the body 2 coats of a champagne color Krylon. (I apologize for not having the exact color, but would be happpy to hunt it down if anyone is interested. 
I did not need to spray the center of each tray as I had alternate plans for those. 
I needed a pattern for the next step so I grabbed some newspaper & used it to trace the outline of the trays.
Once I had the pattern traced, I cut the newspaper & used it to cut the correct size of wallpaper. I do not have pictures of this step, but I basically laid the newspaper over the wallpaper & cut out 3 sections. 
Once it was cut out, I used wallpaper paste to attach one piece to each shelf.
Next I mixed up some paint & cut some stencils.
I didn't have the right stencil size I needed so I fell back on my tried & true method of using cardstock. 
I used the same method here on my dietary cart makeover.
I didn't have the right shade of gold-silver I wanted so I had to do some mixing....never be afraid to mix paint colors. I've come up with some of my favorite colors this way.
It is absolutely ok to use a pen cap to stir your paint :)
 I pounced the paint on each tray through the stencil & let everything dry.
I kind of slacked on pictures at this point, I was on a roll to get finished.

This little guy had the most adorable wooden wheels but they were in need of some help. I gave them each a light sanding & decided to finish them in a dark walnut stain.
I taped off the holy cow sooo tiny took 2 hours what the heck was I thinking wheels & sprayed the metal on them with the same champagne color as the cart. Once that was dry, I stained the wooden wheels.
The entire cart got 4 coats of clear satin finish with a light sanding between each coat. 
I wanted to make sure the wallpaper was thoroughly sealed not only to prevent any peeling of the edges, but to also make the shelves waterproof & easy to wipe up.
He was ready for his debut!
All finished
I think the numbers add the perfect touch

I think I love these carts so much because they are so versatile. 
In kitchens as an extra space for storage, in the bathroom for towels & toiletries, in the bedroom as a bedside table or for books & nick knacks, in the living room or family room as a bookshelf or side table.....the possibilities are truly endless. 
I'll be back tomorrow with a great way to clean those petrified paintbrushes so if you have a few lying around you'll want to make sure to check back & see what's that's all about.
Looking at these pictures really makes me miss the sunshine........
and since we have just gotten a few more inches of snow so I am off to shovel. 

Until next time!


  1. This turned out so cute!! I love the colors you chose...and you could use this for so many purposes! This really was a great find:)


  2. Okay, you rock! I'm adding your blog to my blog roll. I
    can't wait to see more!

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