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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2012 + My Fave Post

I absolutely heart the 'best of' posts that come out between December & February each year. 
With all the blogs I follow, I just know I must be missing something amazing somewhere.
It kinda seriously stresses me a bit. 
My reader is jammed full at the moment with over 2 months of reading to catch up on. 
What can I say; I'm always running one step behind. 
Buuuuuuut....these 'best of' posts are my  insurance that if it was a hit.....I'm gonna see it.
I heart, heart, heart them!

So it only makes sense then that I'm gonna rock one too.
After a little researching, some double checking of numbers & more than a few head scratches....
 I've compiled my very own 'top ten of 2012' post.
{Insert loud cheers here}
Edited to add: I really, really, really do know how to spell r-e-a-l-l-y :) My fingers were faster than my brain obviously

So here they are in order of popularity working our way to #1, is the list.
Feel free to click on any of the titles & you will be taken directly to that post. 
Not a surprise really considering mason jars have been all the rage the last few years & the possibilities are nearly endless. 
I was So in love with this project! I had such a blast working on it & it still sits in my living to this day holding up beautifully.
Another one of my all time favorite projects & one of my first times mixing up my own DIY chalk paint. This was definitely a labor of love, but the results were so worth it in the end! I've gotten more comments on this table in my home than anything I've made so far!
 I have just entered this into the CWTS 2013 edition over at East Coast Creative & am so excited to be among so many amazing entries!  I am literally the last entry in at 361. 
{Those of you who know me will not be surprised at all}
This one surprised me all the way! I had never made cake pops before, but was really getting into the Star Wars theme while working on a birthday party for my rockin nephew. I was totally happy with the results & they were gone in under 10 minutes when I got them to the party so....win win!

Ummmmm, that was a mouthful! I was absolutely floored when this came up as one of the top ten posts! Who knew Star Wars was so big last year!? There were a total of 3 posts to this; all for easy DIY gifts but this one bounced right up to the popular spot. Amazing what you can de with a few simple items. 
1) Kids Halloween mask turned night light 2) Chrome & black bedside lamp 3) Vinyl decal trash can 4) Yoda door hanger
Another pleasant surprise. I had a great time letting my imagination run wild with this old cafeteria tray. There's nothing I love more than just making stuff up as I go!
This table was so much fun to work on! Once the little idea planted itself in my head it was going to happen no matter what I had to do. What I had to do just happened to entail a whole lot of vinyl rearranging. Do I keep the leaf in or out? How do I incorporate the leaf while keeping the design whole when the leaf was removed? It had its frustrating moments, but in the end I could not be happier with how it turned out!
I absolutely LOVE making these! With pallet projects being so big this past year I just had to make use of my supply somehow. Tables are so versatile it didn't take me long to decide on making a couple. I learned so much about working with pallets & even figured out a pretty cool tip for staining along the way. 
Oh how I miss the sunshine days of summer
I absolutely love being able to take something that was thrown away & give it a new life! This table was no exception. Throw in a few DIY stencil adventures & you have yourself a pretty cool new table. 
And the #1 post of 2012 is........................

a shocking surprise to myself....................

A project I wasn't even that fond of to begin with...........................

Okay, okay, I'll stop now. 
The #1 project for Rendition Road for 2012 is:

This was my 2nd pallet table & I just wasn't getting to the vision I had in my minds eye. As with many projects though; the mistakes & stumbles proved to be worth it as I fell in love with the finished product! I can guarantee you, I will be doing more of these as soon as this Midwestern winter lets up a little.
Oh, just look at all that green grass....sigh

So there you have it. My top 10 posts for 2012. Looking back is so much fun! It really is amazing to see how your techniques, style & even tastes change over time. 
And, since it didn't make the list (probably because I never linked it up or gave it ANY exposure at all) I'm going to share with you all MY favorite project of 2012. 
Stacey's Pick:
 Maybe it was my fave because it couldn't have started out more homely or more dilapidated than it did. 
Maybe because it was my longest running project I've ever worked on. We're talking hours of painting!
Could have been because it was my 1st time playing with Envirotex lite annnnnd a blow torch. 
Popping those little air bubbles was seriously addicting.
For whatever reason, it was my fave of the year. It was also one of my hardest to let go of.
But, it has found itself a home & will hopefully be taken care of & loved on for years to come. 
Oh how I miss this little guy

So there you have it. 
Hopefully you found a little something on that list that made you smile, made you laugh or even made you feel inspired.  
Thanks for taking a little journey down memory lane with me. 
Now it's time to turn my mind to the present & get back to sorting & drafting up posts about projects just waiting for their turn on the front page. 
Oh, it's good to be back!
Keep it creative!


  1. Although the beach themed pallet table was not your favorite it is the VERY post that caught my eye and sold me! Great job!

  2. Hi Stacey - I love all of these! So creative. I am enjoying your blog very much. Come over and visit me as well.




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