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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shades of Green Dresser

I just HAD to mention snow in my last post didn't I? Oye!
I've been happily counting down the days until spring...absolutely itching for some sunshine & open windows.
I was so confident this last snow storm was in fact, our last snowstorm I even started putting shovels & salt away. 
Then the weatherman tells me to expect another 4-8 inches of the white stuff.
He said what?!?! 
I changed that channel thinking if I didn't heart it, it couldn't be true.
Ummmmmm denial blatant denila didn't pan out so well for me. Sigh....
 Since I will obviously have to wait a bit longer for that spring air......
I thought I'd share a project that reminds me of warmer days.
This piece was done back in late September early October
when I could still work outside....in jeans & a t-shirt :)
It's an old green dresser that desperately needed to come out of the 70'sshade of pea green
& into a more vibrant, fun, modern shade.

I absolutely fell in love with this dresser when I saw it!
I wasn't really feeling this shade of green though.
When I got it home & inspected it better I noticed
there were a couple of different shades of green showing through.
Hmmmmm....maybe I'm seeing layers in this little ones future?????
This had obviously been a very well loved piece & it wore the scars to prove it.
A little graffiti on the side, a couple drawers with some kind of grease or gunk in them & a scarred up top.
 I gave the entire body a light sanding, not enough to remove the paint....
since I knew I wanted those base shades of green peaking through later.
But when I moved on to sand down the top
 I realized it would be better if I just removed the veneer.
It looked good at first, but upon closer inspection it was warped beyond smoothing out.
For those of you who have done this....you know how much fun it can be.
I've found that using a wide metal paint scraper helps tremendously in the removal process.
Just be very careful to hold it at an angle to get under the veneer without gouging into the wood. 
{Keeping my scrapers sharpened  makes this process go even smoother.}
Once I got the top layer off, I sanded it down again.
Oh SNAP!!!
Yep, a corner piece broke off.
You can really see the 2 different shades of green this dresser started with in this picture
I was trying to avoid doing so, but I went ahead & took it back outside
& chipped off the last layer to get down to the pine planks.
Just a little wood filler in of gaps was all it took to get a perfect finish.
I kind of sort of fell in love with the Antibes green color from Annie Sloan,
 but couldn't find a shade even close to it at the paint store.
This is where having a relationship with your paint guy comes in super handy.
We stood there & mixed & tweaked & shook & tweaked some more until
we came up with a color I was satisfied with.
If anyone would like the original color & the formula tweaking just let me know & I'll post it.
I did a really rough first coat with my fun new custom color,
 even using a chip brush to get some more texture in there.
Most of the time I don't paint the back, but on this piece I chose to
since it was in the same shape as some of the drawers.
Ummmmm not pretty.
 I was already loving the texture that was showing up!
A very light sanding & a very sloppy, light, sporadic 2nd coat went on.
I kind of just felt my way through it.
 Stood back....looked it over.....added a little more here or there...& so on.

When it was all dry I went at it with varying grits of sandpaper to distress it.
Not heavily though, just a nice light scuffing with a touch more wearing away on the drawers.
Speaking of drawers....
I went at those with some TSP & a light sanding.
I chose to paint them in a soft shade of grey.
Something about grey & green together that just makes me happy.

When the drawers were nice & dry I used a little wax action to smooth up the edges & glides.
Yes, it's a tea light. It works! Yes, I need a manicure....but it would be a waste of time :)
 The hardware on this beauty grabbed my heart from the outset.
Maybe not everyone's taste, but I loved those little guys.
I knew all it would take was a good cleaning & they'd be  perfect!
Funny story about that....
I took the hardware off outside when I stripped off the veneer.
One of the little pulls fell into the grass somewhere.
No big deal, I'll just search around for a bit & find it.
fast forward an hour......NO PULL!!!!!
I looked for that bugger for 4 weeks solid!
I looked every day or two because I just knew it had to be there somewhere.
I was whining & complaining about how I would never find more hardware I loved like that.....
I was miserable....
I went to look one last time almost 4 weeks after it was lost.
I FOUND IT!!!!!!
My neighbors had to think I lost my mind the way I was jumping around & screaming.
I don't care.....I've got my pull :)
Besides; that ship sailed long ago when my yard & driveway turned into a thrift store/work shop.
They're familiar with me
My work is ALWAYS spilling over into the yard & driveway
Once it was all sanded I used a walnut stain to glaze the dresser.
 It gave it more depth & really grabbed the colors & the wood peeking through beautifully.
Three coats of wax called it finished!
The hardware cleaned up very well in a hot vinegar bath with a little help from a toothbrush & scrub pad.
I'm still on the fence about adding a little rub n' buff.
The top got 2 coats of dark walnut stain to get the depth of color I was going for
& then 3 coats of satin polycrylic, sanding between each coat.
I love how this one turned out!
 I could not get the pictures to capture the layers & shades, but
I suppose it doesn't help that I was being impatient
& taking pictures right at dusk either. Flash is unflattering.
 Love those legs! Nothing fancy, but they give this overall boxy dresser some movement.
A soft pop of color when you open the drawers adds some fun to this piece.
One more before & after just because I love them.
A perfect shade of green for spring.
Speaking of spring.....
It is a virtual winter wonderland outside this morning as the snow comes down in sheets.
It's coming......I promise....
hang in there.
Have a colorful Tuesday!

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  1. Somehow you dropped off my reading list but you are back on now. LOVE the green-what a great shade and I would have thought it was ASCP had you not told me different!
    I am so glad you found the piece of hardware after all those weeks.
    You did a great job on the piece-it looks beautiful-xo Diana

  2. I'm not normally a green fan, but I love what you did with the dresser! And, holy cow...you really have that many pieces of furniture going at once? You are one busy woman!! I guess the neighbours are used to you now! lol
    Debbie :)

  3. Wow, I love that color!
    I don't know if it's just the time of year or if I'm really going green.

  4. Headed over from Miss Mustard Seed's party. I already follow you, but somehow missed this. This would match a headboard I've been working on for my master bedroom! LOVE IT! What a labor of love. Lots of labor! Great job on a HARD piece!

  5. Thank you for the detailed 'how to'. I was never quite sure how people achieved that amazing green. You have a new follower.
    Tabatha chicbytab.blogspot.ca/

  6. Absolutely a beautiful makeover. Nice job! I love the pic of your yard with all the furniture outside! : )

    1. Thank you so much Kimberly! That picture of my yard has gotten a lot of love & caused a lot of smiles :) I almost wonder if I need to get back on here & make sure people know I don't live like that....I built a new storage shed & was transferring everything from the garage to the new building. I just happened to snap a pic while it was all in transition. The fun part was finding treasures I had forgotten about. Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving me with a smile. Btw, did u know you're a noreply blogger? Just thought I'd let you know :)

  7. A much prettier shade of green! And that photo of your yard - wow - so many projects!

  8. I hope you're enjoying some spring weather. :)
    the chest of drawers looks fabulous. I'm glad you took the top down to the planks. great job!
    catching you!

  9. Hi Stacey, Your green dresser turned out fabulous. I can see why finding that missing pull was such a big deal. The hardware belongs on that dresser. Thanks for sharing this on Saturday Sparks and be sure to check back Friday for the Fabulous Features.
    Have a Wonderful Day,
    Pieced Pastimes

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