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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Staying Inside The Lines-Harlequin Table

Happy at least there's no snow Saturday!
I hope your weekend is treating ya'll right. I have been entertaining this weekend.
Okay so entertaining is a little too fancy a word for how we roll in this house.
 I'll say instead; I have been lounging, chatting & dealing with a serious case of the giggles.
My oldest has come down for a weekend visit!
Woot woot!!! 
I would do a cartwheel from happiness, but......
I'm afraid it would end up looking like some sort of sad flopping about on the floor.
Yes, I'll save us both the embarrassment. 
You're welcome.

But, since I do have to share him with everyone else in town, he is off for the night to have fun with friends.
Perfect time for me to get some blogging done I think. 
I absolutely <3 this table!!!
It started out a bit rough....started getting a makeover........got set aside........then a year later finally got finished......in a completely new direction!

I picked this little sewing table up for a song two summers ago. 

I don't really need any other reason besides the fact that it was only two clams, but I was kind of fond of the height & sturdiness of this table. 
Old, gutted sewing table
It was already gutted, but I did go ahead & remove some of the leftover bits & pieces when I got it home. 
This table is HEA-VY. 
 I knew immediately what I wanted to do, especially in light of the lines on the top.
I think at the time I was going through a black phase for my furniture & using blue accessories....
which would explain the color choices.
After looking at it in different areas of the house & having shoved it aside for well over a year, 
I decided it was way past time to give it a proper makeover.
I have been slowly working on my kitchen this past few months & 
knew this would make the perfect table for by the back door.

My kitchen cabinets are black with the walls in there being a super pretty shade of grey/green
 so I'm sticking to a soft white & sandy-taupe color for accessories,
with some black wrought iron thrown in here & there.

If you've been around my blog for any amount of time you've probably figured out I kind of 
seriously heart the harlequin pattern.
Like I did on this dresser & this dresser & several more projects I haven't even posted about yet. 
I didn't want to lose the pattern, but the colors had to go.
I had a decision to make.
 Either paint the entire thing over again AND redraw the design
 pull out some mad 'staying inside the lines' skills & paint over the design.
Ummmmm ya, I chose the latter of the two.

Since I was all out of my chalk paint in the white that I wanted {I know I was crying too} 
I just grabbed a sample pot of some white paint I picked up from the oops section.
There was no color name on it, sorry, but it was a flat finish 
which I thought would work well with the chalk paint.
I gave it an all over, rather sloppy coat of white everywhere there was black.
I used my Cece Caldwells chalk paint in Myrtle Sands to cover the light blue.
I can't lie, it kind of felt like a really weird paint-by-numbers.
I also had to go slower than I normally like, but it sure beat repainting & redrawing the entire pattern.

Filling in the harlequin pattern with Cece's Myrtle Sands
It does help to use a nice, smooth brush for this to make those lines a bit sharper.
However, I wasn't too stressed about keeping it perfect since I knew I was going for a distressed look. 
After I let it dry I distressed it up a bit with some 150 grit sandpaper. 
Looking so much better!
I used some Minwax dark walnut stain to deepen the colors & give it that vintage feel I love so much.
Lighting isn't great here but you can see the difference in color with the stain
I'm super impatient when it comes to most of my projects, but I like to let pieces sit at least 24 hours when I've used any type of stain on them. 
I mostly use oil based stains & they can take longer to get to the point where
 I feel comfortable putting anything on top of it.
Once dry, I gave it 3 coats of paste wax. 
Buff, buff, buff....until you get that beautiful sheen that just screams "I was hand-waxed."

Yes that says spring & yes there is still snow on the ground here in the Midwest. Let's call it......encouragement :)
I am absolutely in love with the colors peeking through from underneath!
So much better than the black & blue.
It sits under my command center....which is still a work in progress.
A sweet little perk to this cutie?
It has the perfect spot inside for my post its & some pens for those quick notes I need to leave.
A makeover of a makeover.
Works perfect in that space & it's one more piece of the kitchen I can call finished.
Happy results!
Sometimes it just takes a couple tries to get it where you want it.
Until next time!


  1. I like the new look so much better. Beautiful Save, Dee from My Painted Stuff

  2. Hi Stacey! This is gorgeous. Thanks for introducing yourself the other day. I like your style, and I way prefer to paint freehand straight lines than dealing with all that tape, too! Great blog, but one little thing you may not know: there's a sharing bar that comes up right in the middle of the screen on your blog (only yours) and doesn't move, blocking the view. You might want to look into that? Keep up the great work (fun)! Leslie

  3. Love it now! Looks totally authentic and wonderfully aged. Well done Stacey!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  4. Love this table! I'm getting ready to do one myself...I haven't ever done this design but I always love how they look!

  5. Hi - just found your blog doing a search for black kitchen counter stools and I came upon this page. Love harlequin anything as well - I did a harlequin design on the walls in my entryway. I did it with Venetian Plaster and metallic plaster and I put upholstery tacks where the diamonds join.

    $2 table? That is a great buy. I have a few items that I need to paint because they are taking up valuable real estate in my garage and elsewhere. Very nice save for this table.



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