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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Apple of My Eye

Recipes are one thing you probably won't see a lot of around here.
It's not that I don't like cooking, it's just not as much fun as painting.
Besides, I'm not much of a recipe follower.
I'm more of a throw in a little of this, grab a little of that & hey,
if that looks good....throw it in too.
Pretty much the same way I paint.
What I do like, is simple, quick & delicious.
You wanna know how to make apple cinnamon chimichangas in less than 15 minutes?
I found this recipe on Pinterest a while back & immediately knew it would be a hit around here.
Before I made it though, I traced it back to the original source to make sure
I knew what the heck I was doing.
Not like it was rocket science, but you just never know what
may have gotten lost in pin land.
Many times {too many to count} I've seen the exact same picture/pin on Pinterest
only to see about 5 different explanations of what it is or how it was done.
It's always best to just get it from the source.
It's about as simple as it comes.
I grabbed some flour shells, apple pie filling & heated up some oil.
While the oil was heating up, I mixed up some cinnamon & sugar.
Don't hate on me for my mad burrito folding skills.
You too can fold your burritos to be aero dynamic with just a little practice.

It honestly only took a few minutes for each side to brown up nicely.

Then it's just drain on some paper towels & roll that bad boy in your sugar mixture.
Holy goodness, the whole house smelled like baked apple pie. 
Which was perfect because Saturday night was just rainy & cold.
Nothing beats comfort food on a dreary night.

Topped off with a little New York vanilla ice-cream & these were a hit!

It silenced a room full of teenagers which in this house translates into....

A definite 'must make again.'

I'm off to stalk some Pinterest boards to see what else I can find.
Have a delicious Sunday!


  1. Oh- Those sound delicious. My grands would LOVE these- SweetCheeks favorite treat is a soft shell taco-she would be drooling over these. I am saving the recipe to try one night. xo Diana

  2. Hi Stay Anne, these look awesome! Great minds must think alike, or today was apple day....I did something apple, too! Definitely want to try this and am pinning! Have a great week! ~Cindy, littlemisscelebration.com

  3. I just got done with something I pinned - brownie in a cup. After I got past the visual of dumping all that sugar in, it was pretty good. Hit the spot without making a whole pan of brownies. I'll have to give the apple chimi a try too.



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