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Friday, March 8, 2013

Time to Get Your Game On

I love tables.
Cat's out of the bag.
They're versatile. They can seriously be used in ANY room of your home.
They make for a quicker project. Great to work on while paint is drying on bigger pieces.
They can be repurposed in a million different ways. Can we say dog bed awesomeness?!
 Last summer I found myself gravitating towards them. 
Everywhere I looked I was finding cute tables.
I found this matching pair at a flea market.
In this area it's rare to find a matching pair of anything.
One or the other has usually met some kind of tragic demise.
Either that, or there's some kind of underground witness protection program for them
& they're all hiding away after testifying against cruel crayons, bullying beverages & 
out of control water rings.
Whatever the truth is; I was excited to find a matching pair.
To celebrate, I decided to do something fun with them.

If you've been around here for a while then you're probably 
familiar with the last game table I did. 
It was such a hit around here I decided to make another one & this time make a 'matching' one.

Since the tables had a thin glossy veneer on top, I primed them with my go-to BIN primer.
This is seriously one of my all time fave primers. It dries super quick, sticks to any surface (no sanding first) & it's a shellac based primer so it seals out stains as well as odors.
Winner winner chicken dinner.
All right, enough of my love affair with my primer.
 I gave it a light sanding once the primer was completely dry & wiped it down again.
I gave it 2 coats of Valspar's Noble Blush in an eggshell finish.
{I apologize; I got a little carried away & forgot to get pictures of this step}
But, I did capture the legs :)
I used Rustoleum's metallic paint n the leg caps.
Once dry, I used my pencil method to transfer the bingo board
& just used a yardstick to make the checkers board.
I measured out a couple grey stripes with painters tape just to add another color
& kind of frame out the game titles.
Same pencil method to get the game titles on there. 

Both pieces were distressed with 150, 220 then 320.
I loved them so far, but felt like they needed a little more fading for the look I was trying to achieve.
I mixed up a simple white wash & gave it a couple coats, wiping it back with a barely damp rag.
Checkerboard wasn't done yet

I did mix up some black glaze & just randomly put it on where I felt like they needed some depth.
Might seem kind of contradictory after whitewashing them, 
but I really liked the color range it gave the tables.
I chose to use polycrylic on these for a more durable finish. 
I've realized as I've been going through my project files
 that my pictures from last summer & fall are really bad.
As in why did anyone let her have a camera, bad.
Santa never did bring me my Canon T3i for Christmas, but I am
starting to find ways to make my old point & shoot do a better job.
I promise, better pictures are coming :)
I did use a black sharpie when I was making the lines on the checker board, 
but have since decided I won't be doing that anymore.
When I distressed, it turned kind of blue & I didn't like the look it left.
These would be adorable in a family room!
A mason jar full of checker pieces would be so cute sitting on here!
Rumor has it we're supposed to get some sunshine today.
I think it might be a good day to get outside for a bit.
Maybe it'll help me make a decision finally.
I've been working on making over my pantry & I'm stuck between a couple different colors.
Design or no design?
Barn wood treatment on the outer door or leave it matching the rest of the cabinets?
So many choices :)
Maybe some sunshine & fresh air will help clear my creative but cluttered mind.
Have a beautiful Friday everyone!

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  1. Awesome!! I did a chess/checkerboard table too (using vinyl)! :) I LOVE these!!!



  2. I LOVE your tables. They sure started out ugly enough! Your vision for them was perfect- xo Diana

  3. OH MY WORD!!!! I believe I have the same tables!!!! I have been contemplating doing a gameboard on them, but here YOU are! HOW AMAZING! You did a wonderful job!

  4. These are just fabulous! I found your blog via Three Mango Seeds and SO glad I did. Look forward to following you and have a great weekend! ~Cindy, littlemisscelebration.com

  5. Super cute! Dee from My Painted Stuff

  6. I see those 2 tier tables all the time and this is such a great thing to do with them! Great job!

  7. Oh how I love your work! These are fantastic!

  8. Wow, what a great idea to make these into game tables. Very well done! You have a great eye for giving something an entirely new life.

    1. Thank you so much! I think the more unusual or the more out of the box an idea is, the more fun I have making it. So glad to have you stop by :)

  9. great tables! I feel the same way about chairs! I can't pass up a great priced chair. :)

    your game tables look so fun.


    1. Thank you Gail! Isn't it funny how we gravitate towards certain things without even noticing it....or go in spurts. Speaking of chairs; there have been some knock out chair redos lately that I've just fallen head over heels for.


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