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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Farmhouse Wooden Folding Chairs

Hey friends!
Another absolutely beautiful day here in the Midwest!!
One day closer to working in the sunshine!

I thought I would share a couple of chairs that recently got a makeover.
I fell in love with these chairs as soon as I saw them.
Not because they were amazing or anything, but because they were unique.

I found these last summer at a sale & I think I zoned in on them, paid for them
& had them in the car before I even took the time to look
at anything else that was there.
These are just a bit smaller than the normal metal folding chairs we're used to today.
But I liked the shape, I liked that they were fabricated from wood & I liked
that they were slightly different from each other.

I took the seats off, which just slid out once a few small screws were removed.
Of course, the first chair was a breeze, but the second one had to be difficult.

Some minor repairs, wood filler & a good sanding & they were ready to be painted.

I whipped up some homemade chalkpaint because I was out of my Cece,
and gave each chair two solid coats.

Sanded them down,
used some basic stencils to apply the numbers to the chair backs

 and moved on to the seats.

After removing the old leather & foam;
I used a couple of old grain sacks I had lying around to cover the wooden seat base. 
 Some new foam, new batting & for some reason I can't locate the pictures 
I took of the process.
Since the burlap sack is fairly see through, I took some neutral colored linen fabric
& placed it under the grain sack to give it a sturdier finish & prevent seeing the batting.
Simply stapled it around the underside to finish them off.

I mentioned I had a hard time removing one of the seats from the chair itself....
well, that one refused to go back in at all once recovered & the other one
wanted to go in rough.
To prevent ruining the new covers, I got the Dremel out & routed out the grooves.
I used a low grit sanding bit to open AND smooth out the grooves.
I got the recovered seats to slide in nice & smooth after that.
 I love these sacks!
Unfortunately, I only have one left so it's time to find some more.
I gave both chairs a coat of Cece clear wax & buffed them to a nice finish.
 They remind me of something I would have found on my Grandparents porch.
I almost didn't distress these, but I'm glad I did. 

I don't do a lot of chairs because the tediousness of them drives me a little batty with all
their spindles & legs & intricate parts, but I liked these.

I have another chair I just finished I'll be posting about later this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. The chairs are cool! I'm always so impressed with your projects! so glad i followed you a while ago so I'm not missing any of these great furniture pieces. :)

  2. You really saw the potential in those chairs!! They turned out so sweet, I love what you did with them! Glad your weather is getting nicer, spring has "sprung" here too!

    June :)

    1. Thank you so much June! We even hit 80 on Monday this past week so I'm hoping we can get back there soon!

  3. It will probably come as no surprise to you, but I'm pinning these.


  4. I am glad I came across this article. I love buying different chairs and re-doing them. I think it is such a clever idea how you added the wicker base to that white chair. I also think it is cool how you left the black numbers on the top of them. It gives both the chairs a rusted look. I am sure they can go with many other pieces of furniture. Maybe I will try some of these ideas on a bentwood chair I just bought. I do not think I can replace the base part but maybe I could do something unique with the spokes or legs?

  5. I love these chairs! I agree that sometimes chairs can be a bit batty. But these look beautiful.

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