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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just a Quick Note About No-reply

 I wanted to let you guys know I've been noticing some
erratic behavior in the comments section. I have my comments  pushed through to
my e-mail since that's how I prefer to respond & it seems many of you jump from no-reply to
 reply (for lack of a better word) bloggers; sometimes in the same week.

It's got to be a glitch within Google because when I notify people they tell me they've
corrected it several times. I know it would also help if I just trained myself
to take the two seconds to check the return address before I start my reply.
Because what I've been doing the last few days is going through my inbox
& rechecking all the addresses & coming to the blog to comment on the no-replies.
Somewhere out there in the place e-mails float aimlessly, 
is a whole bunch of  happy replies from me to you.

So if you see a reply from me to a comment you left a couple of weeks ago...
I'm not just getting to it, pinky swear. I'm just getting to it the correct format :)
I've been making it a habit to check my own once a week or so
to make sure my e-mail address stays available until Google gets it figured out.

I just wanted to throw that out there because I LOVE that you take your time
to leave me such sweet comments & words of encouragement & I
want to make sure my responses get to you.

Okay, now I must go post about features!!!!!!!

Have a great night all!


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