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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pet Food Storage

I think my blog is possessed this week!
I came to write today's post & yesterdays post hadn't published yet.
The date still read 4-12-13 @ 8:30 am........
sooooo not sure what happened there, but 
I'll be double-checking this one :)

I've got quite the idea stirring in my little brain for my kitchen
that I haven't fine tuned just yet, so while I work out the kinks in that one
I'll show you my version of the pet food storage cans.

I have 4 furballs in my house-furballs like their food-
I end up refilling said food-A LOT-this done from 50 gallon tubs-
which are on the back porch-which is freezing-and requires opening a door-
opening said door while balancing several food dishes is a pain-
I could make several trips-but I also take 10 bags
of groceries into the house in one trip-I needed a better solution. Obviously.

Let's resolve this issue shall we??

I don't have the original picture of the cans, but just picture the cans
of the holiday popcorn variety. 
When I first started this project last year a little while ago
they were primed with metal primer & painted celery green from Krylon.
All laid out ready to be painted...........again ;)
The intention was never to leave them this way, but life got in the way.
Until a couple weeks ago when I got a hair to start in on the kitchen.
They looked so out of place sitting under my recently finished
harlequin table in their green state so I grabbed these first.
I started with a sloppy layer of Cece's Virginia Chestnut & let it dry.
After that I did a dry brushing of off white all over the cans then
measured out where I was going to put the can 'labels.'
I taped off a nice size square with painters tape & 
used the same off white to fill it in. Again not really worried about
perfectly finished coverage here. I'm trying to get a decent match
to the finishes I already have going on in here.
Once it was dry & the tape was removed,
designed everything in photo shop the way I wanted it to look
& used the method I used for my French poem coffee table
to transfer them to the cans.
From there it was a simple fill in the letters with an artists brush.

See? I told you I'm a big ol' sentimental mush when it comes to
incorporating names & dates into my own projects.

Hansen is my Grandparents last name. Jarr was my Grandmothers maiden name.
I spent a lot of time with them growing up & my Grandmother & I were especially close.  
Needless to say, they are very special in my life so this w

I sanded down the entire can once everything was dry
to give the entire finish a worn look. 
The cans sit by the back door, sometimes the furballs are impatient
when it's dinner time, they get playful when it's time to go out,
the backdoor is used a lot & a lot of teenage boys frequent this house
 so....lots can happen & it's best to have a finish where blemishes will blend :)
I covered everything in Cece's clear wax & gave them a good buffing.
The small can had some kind of textured finish
so the paint sanded slightly different than the large can,
but I like how they both turned out.
They sit nicely in a crate under the harlequin table I just finished.
A very easy & inexpensive solution for pet food storage.
 We have some sun & mid 50's today so I think it's going to be a great time
to get outside & get some things done.

Have a beautiful weekend friends!


  1. I have painted a lot of these cans. What do you do to keep them opening and closing easily after you paint? Thanks for any help.

    1. Hey there Teri- I haven't had a problem opening or closing them easily, but I do not paint the rims so maybe that helps?

    2. I wondered if that is what you did. I had to paint the rims because they looked too funky with the Christmas colors showing through. They are getting easier to open over time.

  2. Well, these look a lot better than the Rubermaid container I have sitting in the office for the cats' food! I should buy some popcorn and make something cool like this. Or I could paint the container...probably cheaper. Great idea, Stacey! They look perfect under the table.
    Debbie :)

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