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Monday, April 22, 2013

Rain is a Good Thing....Usually....and Other Randoms

Holy oh my goodness......the rain around here has been in-sane!
 Flood warnings, closed roads, sump pumps workin' overtime
& lots & lots of just............wet!

Needless to say, I've been a busy girl removing water
from where it ought not be; vaccin', suckin', slurpin', moppin'
& just generally remaining.......gross.

SO I though it would be a great time to catch up on some randoms.
Some AWESOME randoms if you ask me :)
But, before we get started on that; I'll give you a
sneak peek on this weeks line up.

I chose some projects from the project vault for this week
since the 3 I'm currently working on are in various
stages of completion.
ANNNND since I spent A LOT of time this past week doing this...........
I'm not sure she really appreciated my efforts as I chased her
all over the yard with an umbrella.
To tell you the truth; I got the feeling she was trying to lose me.
But she's getting over an ear infection & I have to keep those ears dry.

I also spent A LOT of time doing this.....
and this.......
and fixing my backed up kitchen sink.
Which I've done before-using Drano.
This one involved tools....& a tool belt....& yoga positions I couldn't name.
So no pictures to share of that little party for one.

I also played electrician for a bit as I tried my hand at fixing a light....
that took a nose dive....right off the bathroom ceiling.
I know, I know, it surprised me too. He seemed so happy up there. I never saw it coming.
Don't worry though; my head broke its fall.
(It was plastic...scared me more than it hurt....I was going for dramatic impact there)
Needless to say, that experience assured me once & for all,
 I am in no way nor will I ever be, an electrician.

So, I jumped when I got the chance to hang out with some friends......
In their flooded house.......doing a little bit of this.........
and some of this.
Which we actually managed to turn into a pretty good time of
a little Irish step dance & some carpet surfin'.
Hey, water's he-avy & that padding still had to be
 hauled up a flight of stairs & outside.
It certainly wasn't going to squish itself out....
creative peeps; gotta love 'em. :)

So, after what turned out to be an entire week of

"Are you seriously kidding me right now?!?!"  
I felt a little somethin' like this.

But then something really super-awesome happened!!!!
The UPS man showed up! I love my UPS man! 
He brings awesome gifts & never gets too chatty.
Allowing me to get back inside & rip into politely open my goodies.
ANY day where the UPS man shows up is a very happy day!
I think maybe the next best seller should be entitled 'Fifty Shades of Brown."
Although, now I think maybe I shouldn't have typed that out loud. 

Anywaaaaaay......wanna know what I got?!?!

And it was freeeeeeeee!!!!!
I won it in a giveaway over at The Shabby Creek Cottage!
Gina teamed up with HomeRight to give a few of these beauties away.

 I nev-ah win anything so I was beyond excited!
Notice my excessive use of exclamation points?
Or the fact that I'm sharing a picture even when I have
no make-up on & my hair is a mess?
Ya, I was that excited!
In my defense; I was sore & tired, so I was rockin' bum mode.
I considered it a success I managed to get dressed that day.
Good thing too, because if I didn't,
this would be a whole different kind of website.
Okay then, so before we get off track anymore..........  

Thank you Gina & HomeRight for such an awesome giveaway!
{click on any of the names above to be taken to their sites}

And that........has been the last week around here.
Glad you read all that huh?
Hello? Hello?

I just finished the first mowing of the season tonight
& also made a good chunk of headway in the shop today
so I'm calling it a successful Monday.

I'm off to grab a quick bite to eat & then I'm going to head right back
here to get started on the first of those sneak peek posts.
Two posts in one day.....now we're rollin'!

I hope your night is great.......
see you in a bit.........with a real project!! :)


  1. Oh noooooo!!! All that flooding!! We got it really bad around here too, but fortunately, we didn't have any damage personally. Love the post tho...nothing like being able to find humor in a generally crappy situation. :)



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