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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Simple DIY Moss Topiaries

Hello friends!
I'm beginning to think I should have waited on lining
up a blogging schedule until after the weather warmed up & I got outside
so I could see how much actually needed to be done around here.
Oh we do live & learn don't we?
....or maybe it's just me always runnin' 10 steps behind.
I had company this weekend, helped a good friend with her sons
grad party decor & found out my computer is going downhill.
Poor thing, it sure is putting up a good fight though.

I even got a couple of customs this week so I dove
head first into the rest of the shop to get some serious cleaning done
& make sure all the power tools were oiled & checked out.  
A-ma-zing how much stuff I've collected over the winter months!!!

The good news is in order to make room for
the stuff from the garage, I had to pull EVERYTHING out 
of the storage shed & re-organize it.
In the process I found some stuff I forgot I even had.
If any of you are even close to how I am, it's like Christmas
when you find furniture tucked away you forgot about!

Okay, so before I get anything else creeps up on me, let's get to some posts shall we? 
I whipped these moss topiaries up one evening in about an hour or so.
Super quick & easy & using only what I had lying around.
Those are some of the best projects!
I hung up some new shelves in my bedroom & needed some
items to actually put on said shelves so I went rummaging
through my closet of goodies until I found some cute tins I had picked up.
The embossed roses weren't exactly my style, but
I knew with some paint & distressing I could blend them in pretty well.

I used my DIY chalk paint using the recipe I mentioned
in my personalized blanket chest post on these since at the time I was still
experimenting with it's adhesion & hadn't used it on tin yet.
It went on great & dried in a snap!

Once it was dry I went over it with some grey & a dry brush.
Even though I knew I was going to be filling the interiors,
I painted them anyway. It's pretty hard telling
when I'm going to switch things up & this way
 it's already done it the exact same colors.

I wanted to add a little something else to them so while the paint was drying
I grabbed my little wooden tags I got from 'Pick your Plum'
& gave them a coat of white paint.
I already had an idea brewing so I hit up the Graphics Fairy
and looked for some images I could use.
I found a few & resized them to fit on the tag & printed them in reverse.

A layer of Mod Podge on the tags & I laid the paper on,
face down & thoroughly worked out any air bubbles.
Now I just needed something to use as a shape for the topiary
itself so I got a little creative. 
Yep, newspaper. The third grade art room staple
we all mushed, glued & ripped.
Crunched up in a ball just to where they'd fit in the tins &
used some tape to secure them.
I got every shape but round as I started working on these.
There were even shapes I couldn't name they were so weird.
But, with enough patience & tape I ended up with
shapes as close to a circle as I was going to get. 
A hot glue gun & some moss & I sat collecting blisters on my fingers
for the next hour or so.
No, seriously....glue is hot & moss is thin & well....I'm a klutz.
A few blisters later I was starting to make some progress.......
Once they were all covered, I just used a little hot glue to 
attach them to the tin & gave them a little shove down
for some extra support. 
The tags had dried overnight so I lightly spritzed the paper 
with a water bottle..........
and started rubbing it off gently.
I gave them a light sanding & some cocoa glaze 
to vintage them up before sealing them.
The tins also got the same treatment; light sanding, glaze then wax.
Some jute string to attach the tags to the tins
& they were finished.

Easy as pie!

I wish I had gotten better after pictures of them but it had been so 
cloudy it was hard to get decent lighting in my room. 

 Now that I see them here, I'm thinking they may need a 'haircut.'

 I love how the tags turned out!

 Just goes to show you don't need much lying around to create something
pretty cute.

I'm off on a hunt for the before photos of the sneak peek post I wanted to do. 
My computer is hanging in there, but it's being a bit weird
in the process so I never know what I'll find when I turn it on. 

Have a wonderful evening friends!


  1. Stacey, these are adorable! Thanks for sharing! ~Cindy@littlemisscelebration.com

  2. These are so sweet! I think you did a great job on them, and I never would have thought to use the mod podge trick on cardboard tags, great idea!
    Debbie :)

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