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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Simple DIY Moss Topiaries

Hello friends!
I'm beginning to think I should have waited on lining
up a blogging schedule until after the weather warmed up & I got outside
so I could see how much actually needed to be done around here.
Oh we do live & learn don't we?
....or maybe it's just me always runnin' 10 steps behind.
I had company this weekend, helped a good friend with her sons
grad party decor & found out my computer is going downhill.
Poor thing, it sure is putting up a good fight though.

I even got a couple of customs this week so I dove
head first into the rest of the shop to get some serious cleaning done
& make sure all the power tools were oiled & checked out.  
A-ma-zing how much stuff I've collected over the winter months!!!

The good news is in order to make room for
the stuff from the garage, I had to pull EVERYTHING out 
of the storage shed & re-organize it.
In the process I found some stuff I forgot I even had.
If any of you are even close to how I am, it's like Christmas
when you find furniture tucked away you forgot about!

Okay, so before I get anything else creeps up on me, let's get to some posts shall we? 
I whipped these moss topiaries up one evening in about an hour or so.
Super quick & easy & using only what I had lying around.
Those are some of the best projects!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Personalized Chest Full of Memories

This is one of my favorite projects I've ever done.
It's one for my own home & it holds quite a bit of
sentimental value for me. 

I've had it for about 8 years in the natural stained state
it started out in, but always knew I would just know
when I found the perfect finish.
 As I was dusting it one afternoon I suddenly knew exactly what that was.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rain is a Good Thing....Usually....and Other Randoms

Holy oh my goodness......the rain around here has been in-sane!
 Flood warnings, closed roads, sump pumps workin' overtime
& lots & lots of just............wet!

Needless to say, I've been a busy girl removing water
from where it ought not be; vaccin', suckin', slurpin', moppin'
& just generally remaining.......gross.

SO I though it would be a great time to catch up on some randoms.
Some AWESOME randoms if you ask me :)
But, before we get started on that; I'll give you a
sneak peek on this weeks line up.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glitter Checkers & Striped Table {2 projects-picture heavy}

Happy Tuesday!!
I've been posting just a little less than I wanted to as warmer weather
has allowed for getting things done outside lately. 
With this being the 1st spring/summer I've lived alone, I'm just now
learning how to adjust my time to get everything done around here.

In order to stave off becoming completely overwhelmed,
I've begun working on a list, breaking everything into 'categories' 
& noting how long each task takes.

A couple more weeks & I should have one final daily schedule
that allows adequate time for everything. Otherwise I'll keep running around like
a mad woman feeling like I forgot something...which I probably did ;)

So, speaking of managing my time; I should probably get to the project huh?
And BONUS...it's 2 projects in one!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Diamonds & Metal

Good evening friends!

I have been playing around with some metallic paints lately & 
finished this table in a pewter & white harlequin finish.

I know, I know, but I can't help myself
when it comes to this design!

I used the Rustoleum metallic line of paints & 
I absolutely loved them!
I was worried about coverage considering most metallics
need several coats to get a solid finish, but the coverage 
with this paint is great!
I went ahead & used two coats, but 
honestly could have gotten away with one.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pet Food Storage

I think my blog is possessed this week!
I came to write today's post & yesterdays post hadn't published yet.
The date still read 4-12-13 @ 8:30 am........
sooooo not sure what happened there, but 
I'll be double-checking this one :)

I've got quite the idea stirring in my little brain for my kitchen
that I haven't fine tuned just yet, so while I work out the kinks in that one
I'll show you my version of the pet food storage cans.

I have 4 furballs in my house-furballs like their food-
I end up refilling said food-A LOT-this done from 50 gallon tubs-
which are on the back porch-which is freezing-and requires opening a door-
opening said door while balancing several food dishes is a pain-
I could make several trips-but I also take 10 bags
of groceries into the house in one trip-I needed a better solution. Obviously.

Let's resolve this issue shall we??

Friday, April 12, 2013

Grandma's Sitting Room Chair

Hello lovelies!
I went one more round in the ring with my little tooth & am happy to report: I won this one!!
They went in & did their thing, but apparently it didn’t want to heal correctly 
& I’m here to tell you......hands down, 
I had NO IDEA one little tooth could cause such tremendous pain!!
I opted for natural childbirth........twice.....& this put me down for several days!

BUT……with some rest, a few rounds of medicine & some torture treatment, 
I am fi-nal-ly all better!! So….what have I missed?? 
My little brain is imagining all sorts of amazing-ness! (Now a word)
I noticed my reader was nice & full so I can only imagine
what your creative minds have been popping out.
Ok, onto today’s post. You may have noticed I don’t do a lot of chairs.
I have a very hard time finding any I really like. I did find this one
& although it’s not unique, intricate or unusual; I liked the solid look of it.
I immediately thought of a chair my grandparents would have in their front sitting room.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Farmhouse Wooden Folding Chairs

Hey friends!
Another absolutely beautiful day here in the Midwest!!
One day closer to working in the sunshine!

I thought I would share a couple of chairs that recently got a makeover.
I fell in love with these chairs as soon as I saw them.
Not because they were amazing or anything, but because they were unique.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have a few features I need to get caught up on tonight.

The French chest I made over was featured by two different blogs!!

The first feature is from Suzanne over at Pieced Pastimes who was
 so kind as to feature it at her Saturday Sparks party. 

Pieced Pastimes

It's a newer linky party, but it's picking up so quickly
& there have been some really great link ups there the past few weeks.

Thank you Suzanne!!!

Just a Quick Note About No-reply

 I wanted to let you guys know I've been noticing some
erratic behavior in the comments section. I have my comments  pushed through to
my e-mail since that's how I prefer to respond & it seems many of you jump from no-reply to
 reply (for lack of a better word) bloggers; sometimes in the same week.

It's got to be a glitch within Google because when I notify people they tell me they've
corrected it several times. I know it would also help if I just trained myself
to take the two seconds to check the return address before I start my reply.
Because what I've been doing the last few days is going through my inbox
& rechecking all the addresses & coming to the blog to comment on the no-replies.
Somewhere out there in the place e-mails float aimlessly, 
is a whole bunch of  happy replies from me to you.

So if you see a reply from me to a comment you left a couple of weeks ago...
I'm not just getting to it, pinky swear. I'm just getting to it the correct format :)
I've been making it a habit to check my own once a week or so
to make sure my e-mail address stays available until Google gets it figured out.

I just wanted to throw that out there because I LOVE that you take your time
to leave me such sweet comments & words of encouragement & I
want to make sure my responses get to you.

Okay, now I must go post about features!!!!!!!

Have a great night all!
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