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About Me

I’m a thirty-something momma livin’ the dream in the heart of the Midwest. Who thought I was responsible enough to raise two amazing young men is waaaay beyond me, but I enjoy & soak up every single minute of it! They’ve taught me more about life than I could have ever hoped to learn elsewhere. Laughter is HUGE in our home & we believe no topic is off limits….hugs fix everything….& you just can’t take yourself too seriously.

I’m a neurotic type A with an intense desire to label, alphabetize or color code everything, but when I’m creating something all bets are off. I’ve been known to leave the entire dining room in shambles of paint cans, sandpaper & furniture for a week or more without blinking an eye. I take for-evah to make big decisions….5 months just to pick the right laptop kinda long….imagine what bigger decisions take.

 I have no problem coming up with off the wall creative ideas but, on occasion when I do get a creative block, it makes me pace the floors & keeps me up at nights.  I love getting all dressed up & going out, but am not afraid to put on a flannel & change my own oil. I believe we should do for ourselves before expecting help from others. I love scary movies but have to watch all the scary parts through the crack in my fingers. (usually knees to chest….to stay safe ya know) On that note; I also love the thrill of being scared, but almost always chicken out when I get to the front of the line at a haunted house. I love naps with my furbabies & take them whenever I get the chance. I dance & sing while I’m cleaning the house, but really?! Don’t we all have a little rock star in us? 

I love all animals & cannot just leave a stray outside. I will track him down….even if it takes weeks, & find him a home. I HAVE TO mute the tv when the sad shelter commercials come on because it literally breaks my heart to see animals in pain. I am a romantic at heart & absolutely love cheesy 80’s chick flicks. Every time I watch one, I silently plan how my happy ending will look…..just wait, it’s coming.
 I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in, even if it means I’m standing alone. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong & I have a sincere respect for others who do the same. I’m fiercely loyal to those I love & still believe honesty is everything. I LOVE laughing more than anything in the world, but I also cry easily, especially when someone I care about is hurting. 
I love surprises but it’s almost impossible to surprise me because I pay close attention to everything around me. I don’t do that on purpose, I’m hard-wired to notice the small details. I think most rules are just a suggestion & lines were made to be colored outside of. I see the word “can’t” as a challenge & believe in leaving more good in the world than I take. I have to sleep with a fan on, I hate onions, I love mayonnaise, autumn is my favorite time of the year & I’m still afraid of the dark. Yes, I said it. Let’s move on.
 I get to wake up every single day & live my passion as an artist & paint every wonderful, crazy idea that comes into my mind’s eye. This blog was born from that passion. I want to share, teach, learn & grow. I want to inspire & be inspired. Making connections, especially with like-minded creative individuals, is essential for me to feed my passion. I want my blog to be a happy, positive & uplifting experience for those who visit. There is enough negativity in the world that we don’t need to bring it into our blogging space. With that being said; I also want to be able to talk about our lives & struggles when need be, in order to uplift & support each other through the tough times that are bound to happen. 
I started my own business over a year ago painting furniture & I have big plans for what I want it to be when it grows up. I get insanely excited at new opportunities & look forward to growing & expanding. I have a detailed goal list mapped out for the next 5 years & am currently working on a business plan to accompany that goal list. Second to my passion for painting is my passion for teaching & sharing. I am planning on implementing painting classes, am working on an e-book & making more video tutorials (shorter than the first two) 

I hope you enjoy your time here at my little space & find something to inspire or uplift you or……..something to just make you laugh. I love & encourage feedback, comments & connections of any type. We’re all in this together so let’s make together count!


  1. Hi Stacey. I can so relate to being a glass half fill kinda girl! I'm new here but already your blog is inspiring me to put those creative gloves on! I'm looking forward to following your journey. Cheers, Hx


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