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One of the things I love about blogging is the community that has been cultivated & fostered here.
There is such an eagerness to support, uplift & encourage each other that spreads far & wide across blogland. 
It doesn't matter the niche a blogger specializes in, the number of posts published a week or even where they may be on their journey; support is just a blog away.
I am humbled, honored & thrilled to have had my work featured at each one of the blogs below. 
Please take a moment, if you will, to click on the links & stop in for a visit. 
I know they will be tickled to have you. 

*This page is still very much in progress & will eventually have a thumbnail for each project, 
with the direct links (buttons) to those blogs that featured it. 
My specific projects aside; the buttons below will currently take you to the blog listed. 
Thank you for your patience while I get everything laid out.



DIY Show Off

Pieced Pastimes

The Graphics Fairy

Awards & Honors:


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